Learn the accurate growth of livestock and fish in India

Indian economy and the livestock
The livestock and fish sector contributes around 40.6 % of the GDP of the total contribution from agriculture and another allied sector. Livestock also contributes to the socio-economic life of the country and is a rich source of foods like meat, milk, eggs and fish source for employment and income to millions of families and rural farmers. The demand for livestock is in on an increase and will increase many folds in the near future. Due to the growth and advancement of technology and professional competency in the sector, the livestock industry has developed tremendously and attractive foreign investors as well. As compared to crop production, livestock has been growing at a great pace. The increasing number of animals and the potential customers all over the country are a good sign for the industry. India accounts for a large share of livestock resources in the world and also boasts of having one of the largest population of livestock. The country contributes around 500 million tonnes of livestock.
Fishery overview
Fishery too is among the important industry in India due to the vast coastline on both the sides of the country and the fresh water are that is suitable for fisheries that together contribute to the economy of the country. Investments are increasing from all directions and with government initiatives the fishery is going to be more developed. Fishery constitutes around 6.3% of global fish production and contributes around 1.1% of GDP and 5.15% of agricultural GDP. The fish production is 10.7 million metric tons and contributes 65% of the inland sector and same from culture fisheries. It has also emerged as a large sector in exports of India. More than 50 types of fish and shellfish are exported to various countries.
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