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Livestock are domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, wool and leather. Livestock provides food like milk, eggs and meat. It also provides products like leather, hide, pelts. Animal waste is a great manure and fuel (biogas, dung cakes). It has a value of crores of rupees.

Livestock plays an important role in the Indian economy. It provides employment to about 8.8% of the population., providing livelihood to 2/3rd of rural community.

India is the world’s highest livestock owner at about 512.05 million. The country is the 2nd largest poultry market in the world with production of 63 billion eggs and 649 million poultry meat. India is also the n. 1 milk producer in the world.

Exports of animal products was Rs. 29,532.65 crores in 2016-17. Buffalo meat dominated the exports with a contribution of over 89.08% of the total animal products export.

Indian fisheries sector holds the 3rd global position and is an important sector, contributing to the agricultural exports and engaging about fourteen million people in different activities. Presently the total fish production is 10.7 million metric tonnes. The sector constitutes about 6.3% of the global fish production. It contributes 1.1% of the GDP and 5.15% of agriculture GDP.

India exported 11,34,948 MT of seafood worth an all-time high of Rs 37, 870.90 crore in 2016-17. Frozen shrimp maintained its position as the top item of export, accounting for 38.28% in quantity and 64.50% of the total earnings in dollar terms. This was followed by exports of frozen fish and frozen squid. Dried items registered a growth of 40.98%, 20.14% & 79.05% in terms of quantity, rupee value and dollar terms, respectively.

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