The efficiency of transport in India

Means of transport


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The means of transport in India
The core means of transport in India are the railways, roadways, airways and the waterways. They form the backbone of the industrial sectors and are very essential to increase the economy of the country. A good infrastructure combined with development in the transportation sector can definitely improve the industrialization in the county. India has achieved much progress due to the improvement in transportation like building various expressways, state highways, major roadways, tunnels that connect to villages and remote parts. Besides, the government has also built airports in smaller cities and larger cities that can reduce the time and also save energy. Today, India also has the largest merchant shipping fleet in the developing countries and stands 20th among those with the largest cargo carrying fleet. Besides, the country has around 14,500 km of navigable waterways that include canals, rivers, creeks, backwaters etc. Roads also form an important part of transport and today India is one of the largest road networks in the world that comprises of around 33 lakh kilometer at present. With increase in vehicles and traffic increase on the roads, various projects are carried out by public-private partnership.
The trends in the growth of transport
India is working on bridging the gap between the western and the eastern states and recognizing the need to improve infrastructure and the growth in the country. The new government wants to reach the remotest part of the country, without which progress is not possible. All kinds of transport modes hold immense possibility for the economy of India. FDI investments are seen in various modes of transport and that is why there is a new boom that can be seen in this sector of transport.

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