Overview of research and testing in India

Overview of research and development and testing
The highly intellection qualified professionals found in the country have attracted many multinational companies and therefore they have shifted their offices here in the country. This is great news which has contributed a lot in the employment sector and also industries like electricity, electronics, hardware and many more. The research and development bases are used to develop products and to bring them to the market and circulate them all around the world. Studies have shown that the research and development, globalization will double by $ 38 billion by 2020. Today the global outsourced services market stands at $ 26 billion in collaboration with the western giants of different countries. To check the standard of level at par with these companies, India needs to work harder on improving the sector with innovations and different. Many companies have already set up campus in Bengaluru. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai with the entry of the multinational company in this sector, the scenario has been uplifting with more scope and opportunities.
Government initiatives
The government has taken several steps to enhance the industry. There are plans to establish the National Institution to Transforming India so that the involvement of researchers, entrepreneurs and others to help the growth of the industry. There are around 1,000 top global R & D spending organizations that have base in India. They are growing at 14.4 per cent and provide employment to around more than 244,000. The government will help funding with $ 16 million for setting up units of R & D in collaboration with the industries. India as a destination is popular all over the globe and that is why the government is taking initiative and developing the industry.
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