List of Information Technology (IT) and Internet companies in India

Information technology (IT) and Internet


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Kompass India Information Private Limited

Kompass is a global expert on B2B insights since the past 70 years, and provides information used for sales & marketing to companies ...

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List of Information Technology (IT) and Internet companies in India. KOMPASS INDIA can help you find a B2B database of companies across the IT & Internet sector in India along with access to its key business details like direct phone number, email address, company address, executive contacts, turnover and employee size etc. IT and Internet industry in India covers: Office Application Software, Computer Accessories, Computer Network Equipment, Data Storage Devices for Computing, Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Services, Enterprise Application Software (EAS), Industrial Computers, IT Auditing & Consulting Services, IT Engineering, IT Hosting Services, IT Maintenance Services, IT Outsourcing Services, IT Security Services, IT Support & Maintenance Services, Input Peripherals, Monitors/Display Screens, Operating Systems, Personal Computers (PC), Printers, Servers, Coding & Programming Software, Communications Software, Computer Security Software, Database & Information Management Software, E-Commerce Software, Graphic Design Software, Industrial Software, Internet & Intranet Software, Network Management Software, Systems Software, Training Purpose Software, Software Utilities etc. Find the right sales leads and keep your target audience engaged using global data solutions: EasyBusiness and Booster.