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Enterprise application software (EAS)
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Sensys Technologies Private Limited

Sensys Technologies is a software development house with proven expertise in systems and application Developments, which is used to offer solutions across vertical segments, Software Development Consulting, Workflow Solutions, Outsourcing, Business Intelligence solutions, Web Architecture, & Data Warehousing. Sensys Technologies offers high quality solutions and services enabling customers to derive maximum value and benefit by providing licensed and state-of-the-art solutions and applications. Sensys Technologies believes in quality software development by implementing a comprehensive quality policy to deliver results on time and within budget. It is a software development house with strong management and software development processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Sensys Technologies is a customer driven IT Company offering systems integration solutions in the Indian market. Sensys Technologies has completed 10 years of IT operations and the company has achieved high organic growth over last nine years. We are Technically strong and experienced team, with ability of managing business growth. Potent combination of strong and ambitious management team, very strong delivery capabilities of innovative software solutions have enabled growth in revenue over the past five years. We are building this company for the long term - a profitable company that is highly relevant to its clients, supportive of its people, and respected in the marketplace.

  • Information technology (IT) and Internet
  • Software, coding and programming
  • System and development software...
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