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Tektronix India Private Limited

Traders of Test Measuring & Monitoring Equipments Pertaining to Digital Design Industry, Telecom Industry, Defense Industry, Logic Analyzers, Protocol Analyzers, Mobile Communications, Optical Communications, Signal Sources & Video Broadcast Industry, Oscilloscopes, Video Test Equipments, Network Management, Diagnostics RF/Wireless Test, Logic Analyzers, Signal Sources Accessories, Optical Communication Unications and other Testing and Measuring Equipments. Tektronix, Inc. is a leading test, measurement, and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries worldwide. With over 60 years of experience, Tektronix provides general purpose test and measurement, video test and monitoring and communications network management and diagnostic products that enable its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, Tektronix has operations in 19 countries worldwide. Tektronix India is headquartered at Bangalore with a direct presence in other major Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Tektronix India is responsible for marketing, sales distribution and service support of Tektronix Products in the South-Asian markets of India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, through its various sales offices and reseller network.

  • Radio direction finding (RDF) equipment
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Radars and radar components...

Micrologix Embedded Controls Private Limited

We design and Manufacturer lot of Embedded Electronic Controls for OEM's in several industrial segment. Our Controls Feature Variety of Displays, Keypads, Power Factor Control For Energy Efficiency, AC, DC and Stepper Motor Controls, Induction Motor Variable Frequency Drives, SMPS For Universal Power Supply And Surface Mount Technology As Common Design Elements. We design and supply Our Electronics modules to the below mentioned Original Equipment Manufacturers in different industrial segments as Consumer Electronics, Automobile Industry, Medical Equipments, Dental Equipments, Fire & Security Industry, Textile Machineries, Garment Finishing Machineries, Switched Mode Power Supplies for Time, Attendance and Access control Industry, CCTV camera, Automotive and Domestic Air-Conditioners, Power Tools, Diamond Cutting and Bruiting Machines, AC, DC, Stepper & BLDC Motor Drives For Industrial Applications Brief Description: 1. Consumer electronics: Controls for Vacuum Cleaners, Energy Efficient Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Mixer Grinders and Wet Grinders. 2. Automobile Industry : Stepper motor based Speedo meter, HID Lamp controller, Motor drives for Electrical Two-Wheelers 3. Medical Equipments : Controls For Actuator Based Hospital Beds, Operation Theater Tables, Ultrasonic Cleaners And Operation Theatre Lights 4. Dental Equipments: Controls for Dental Chair, Implant Micro-motor, Endodontic Micro-motor, BLDC Motor Drives for Hand Tools, Light Cure, X-Ray Timers, Autoclaves 5. Fire & Security Industry: Controls for Fire and Security, SMPS for Access Controls and Access Control Battery Chargers 6. Textile Machineries: Variable Frequency Drives and Controls for Yarn Winding Machines - Precision and Assembly Winders, Yarn Processing Machines and Color Card, Winding Machines 7. Garment Finishing Machineries : Controls For Industrial Washing Machines, Cloth Dryers, Form Finishers, And Boilers 8. Switched Mode Power Supplies: SMPS Up To 2000Watts With PFC And Special Purpose DC-DC Converters 9. Automotive and Domestic Air-Conditioners: Automotive AC Cabin Temperature Controls, Control Panels. Power Factor Corrected, Energy Efficient Domestic AC Controls and Drives. 10. Hand Tools: Soft-Starters, Variable Speed Drives Up To 2000Watts 11. Diamond Cutting and Bruiting Machines: Advanced Controls for Diamond Cutting and Bruiting 12. AC, DC, Stepper and BLDC Motor Drives for Industrial Applications: DSP Based Drives for both AC Induction Motors and Brush-less Motors (BLDC) For Various Industrial Applications

  • Electric motors up to 1 kW
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Motors, stepping, up to 1 kW...

Micronova Impex Private Limited

Micronova Impex Pvt.Ltd was Established with the Business Objective of Providing Value Added Marketing Service, Manufacturers & Suppliers of Gas Tube Arrestors & Field Circuit Breakers of the Following Products: 1)Electronic Equipments of Diversified Types 2)Telecom Switching Equipment and Accessories 3)Microwave Transmissions and Receiving Equipments, RF Products and Related Subsystems 4)Broadcast Transmitters and Receivers and Accessories 5)High Voltage and High Current Contactors and Isolators 6)Low voltage switchgear and related products 7)Cables for variety of application in electronic, telecom and electric fields. 8)Antennas for Microwave, GSM and broadcast transmissions 9)Full range of electronic components covering active, passive electro-mechanical components. Activities covered : a)Stock and sale of manufacturers. product to the OEMs with techno-commercial advantage, b)Stocking and distribution of specialty products to smaller manufacturers and distributors c)Sourcing of equipment, sub systems and components to the specific needs of the customer d)Installation and commissioning, service on behalf of the manufacturer e)After sales service including warranty and post warranty support, stocking of spares, Incorporated in 1973, the company has grown consistently to enlarge its products and business areas. It has over 33 principals abroad with whom it has long term business relationship. Beginning its activities primarily with imports at a time when the country was heavily dependent on the imports of equipments and components in its area of business. It has kept its growth plan for integrating its activities to the global business by focusing on exports. For this purpose, it has established a subsidiary company in Singapore. It is locally incorporated company with all facilities for imports and exports for extending the most efficient service for sourcing of items to its customers. Micronova has branch offices in all Metros of the country, in each of the branches. Marketing executives with technical background are stationed, so that any customer in the country can be serviced by a visit of the sales personnel of the region in less than 8 hours time. Associated Companies: Kreatronics, No 43 , W A T street, Basavangudi , Bangalore - 560 004

  • Fuses
  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Fuses, low (LV) and medium voltage (MV)...

Delta Sigma Automation & Instrumentation Private Limited

Turnkey Solution Provider of Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Instrumentation, Projects, Erection & Commissioning, Construction, Data Management, Intelligence / Security Systems, Operations Maintenance, Project Management, Procurement, Construction.Temperature, Thermocouples, Thermowells & Assemblies, RTD (PT100), Thermistor Elements, Temperature Transmitters, Connectors & Panel Systems, Wire, Relative Humidity, Infrared Measurement, Precision Calibration, Ice Point References, Handheld Measurement, Meters, Timers & Counters, Transmitters, Controllers. Flow & Level, Rotameter/Variable Area, Air Velocity, Electronic Mass, Ultrasonic/Doppler, Turbine, Paddle Wheel & Positive Displmt, Vortex Shedding & Pitot Tube, Electromagnetic, Valves, Level Switch & Measurment, pumps,instrumentation & Accessories, tubing,fittings. Pressure, Strain & Force, Transducers & Transmitters, Strain Gages, Load Cells, Displacement Sensors, Dial Gauges, Valves & Regulators, Dynamic Measurement, Switches. Automation, Automation Controllers & HMI, Process Measurement & Control Instruments, Sensors & Transducers, Wire Connection, Power Products, Relays and Timers, Enclosures. pH & Conductivity, Instrumentation, Electrodes, Dissolved Oxygen. Data Acquisition Software, Ethernet & USB Systems, Input Boards/Cards, Output Boards/Cards, Digital I/O Boards/Cards, Signal Conditioners, Communications & Converters, Alarm Systems, Wireless Communication, Dataloggers.

  • Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Plastic products
  • Contactors, plastic...
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