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Level measuring and control equipment for liquids
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Delta Sigma Automation & Instrumentation Private Limited

Turnkey Solution Provider of Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Instrumentation, Projects, Erection & Commissioning, Construction, Data Management, Intelligence / Security Systems, Operations Maintenance, Project Management, Procurement, Construction.Temperature, Thermocouples, Thermowells & Assemblies, RTD (PT100), Thermistor Elements, Temperature Transmitters, Connectors & Panel Systems, Wire, Relative Humidity, Infrared Measurement, Precision Calibration, Ice Point References, Handheld Measurement, Meters, Timers & Counters, Transmitters, Controllers. Flow & Level, Rotameter/Variable Area, Air Velocity, Electronic Mass, Ultrasonic/Doppler, Turbine, Paddle Wheel & Positive Displmt, Vortex Shedding & Pitot Tube, Electromagnetic, Valves, Level Switch & Measurment, pumps,instrumentation & Accessories, tubing,fittings. Pressure, Strain & Force, Transducers & Transmitters, Strain Gages, Load Cells, Displacement Sensors, Dial Gauges, Valves & Regulators, Dynamic Measurement, Switches. Automation, Automation Controllers & HMI, Process Measurement & Control Instruments, Sensors & Transducers, Wire Connection, Power Products, Relays and Timers, Enclosures. pH & Conductivity, Instrumentation, Electrodes, Dissolved Oxygen. Data Acquisition Software, Ethernet & USB Systems, Input Boards/Cards, Output Boards/Cards, Digital I/O Boards/Cards, Signal Conditioners, Communications & Converters, Alarm Systems, Wireless Communication, Dataloggers.

Supplier of:

  • Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Plastic products
  • Contactors, plastic...

Kistler-Morse Automation Limited

Kistler-Morse Automation Limited Is A Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers of Material Sensor, Pulse Point, Belt Scales, Weigh Feeders, Batch Control Systems, Ultra Sonic Level Measuring Systems Such As Electronic Weigh Feeders, Electronic Belt WeighersSolid Flow Meters, Loss-in-Weight Feeders, Masterweigh 1 & 5 for weigh , Feeder & Belt Scales, Hopper/Tank/Silo/Bin Weighing System, Crane Weighing Systems, Laddle Weighing Systems, Hot Slab Weighing Systems, Weigh Batching Systems, Weigh Filling Machines, Custom Built Weighing, System, Truck and Wagon Load-out System, INDICATORS ANDSIGNAL PROCESSORS, Weight II, Ultracell, Bolt-ON Microcell, Based Level Sensing, Hydrawave Level Transmitters, Hydrawave Tote & Drum Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Action probe - RF Capacitance Switches , Action Probe - Vibratory Point Level, Action Probe - Paddle Switch , MULTI-VESSEL SYSTEM. The Multi-Vessel System is a Multi-Channel Universal Signal Processing, Display System, Capable of receiving Analog and Digital Serial Inputs. The System can be tailored to meet the demands of various applications. REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM ORB Transformer . a communication platform, which can integrate all KM Systems for Monitoring via Internet/Intranet. ASSOCIATED LIGHT ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Conveyors and Feeders Support Columns (WEIGH LEG) for Hoppers and Silos Hoppers, Silos & Bins associated with Weight/Level Systems Aerated Bins, Live Bottom Bins associated with Weigh Feeders Discharge Gates f all Types associated with Weigh Feeders and Batching Systems. Custom Built Machines involving Force, Weight and Level Systems. Manufacturers of High Speed In-Motion Wagon Weigh Bridges, Crane Weighing Scales. Associated Companies: Blue Bells Control Systems Private Limited, F-2, 1st Floor, Kgeyes Pavithram Apartments, T-34 & 36, 7th Avenue, Madha Church Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600090, Fax.91-44-52114402

Supplier of:

  • Electronic sensors
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Sensors, magnetic...

K-Jhil Scientific Glass

Manufacturer & Exporters of Glassware Plant for Chemical Laboratories, Distillation Unit, Kilo Lab Systems, Gas Absorption Unit, Glass Assemblies, Aromatics, R & D Chemicals, Process Plant System, Herbal, Pesticides & Other Allied Industries. Product Range : Pipeline/Column Components upto 600mm Dia, Glass Distillation Units(upto 300 ltr), Shell & Heat Tube Exchanger 9upto 52m2), Glass Extraction Units Solid/Liquid, Mixer-Settler/Decanter, Sight Flow Indicators, Tubular Structural Parts for Glass Assemblies. All Glass Distillation & Reaction Plant upto 200 ltr. Distillation Plant: Reflux Reaction cum Distillation Unit, Fractional Distillation Plant, Azeotropic Distillation Plant, Distillation Plant with Phase Seperation, Distillation Plant with Glass Shell & Tube Condenser, Distillation Assembly on Glass Lined Reactor, High Vaccum Distillation Plant. Gas Absorption Unit: Dry HCI Gas Generator, Falling Film Absorber, Solid/Liquid Extraction, Essential/ Natural Oil Extraction, Clorination System, Filtration System, Precious Metal Recovery, Gold Recovery, Solvent Recovery, H2SO4 Dilution System, Multipurpose Pilot Plant. Engineered Systems(Glass Assemblies):Equipment Qualification/ Validation with 3Q/4Q Documentation as Per GMP Norms, Assemblies for Piloting , Production, Pollution control, R & D, A Range of Designs available in Modular Costructions, Units of Distillation, Heat Transfer, Reaction, Absorption, Evaporation, Crystallization, Extractions, Miniplants, Pilot Plants, Kilolabbs, Bioreactors, Teaching Units. Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers: Main Condensers, Guard Condensers, Product Coolers, Thermo - Siphon Reboilers, Waste Heat Economizers, Special Desigh High Pressure Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

Supplier of:

  • Aroma compounds, essential oils
  • Chemical base materials
  • Chemical products...
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