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Apex Precision Mechatronix Private Limited

Apex Precision Mechatronix Private Limited

Importers, Distributor & Supplier Of Engineered Screws, Bearing & Bushes. Authorized Distributor For Thk Global - Linear Motion Systems, Ball Screws, Gears, Racks & Pinions, Industrial Motors, Linear Actuators, Bearings. Linear Motion Guides( LM Guide ): Linear Motion Guides, Hardened & Ground Linear Shafts, Cam Followers, Roller Followers, Linear Bushes, Crossed Roller Bearings. Linear Actuators : Electro Mechanical Actuators, Power Jack, Linear Actuators. Ball Screws : Ball Screws, Rollers Screws, Lead Screws, Ball Splines , Ball Screw Support Bearings. Gears, Racks & Pinions : Gear, Racks & Pinons, Bevel Gear Box. Industrial Motors : Geared Motors, Linear Motors, Stepper & Servo Motors. Optronic Components Clamp For Linear Guides Steeper Servo Controller Industrial Motors Linear Motors Manual Rotary Motor Servo Motors Stepper Servo Controllers Industrial Coupling Precision Locking Elements Pneumatic Cylinders Modular Linear Axis Oil Mist Cleaner Cam Follower Linear Bushes THK LM Grease Ball Spline Power Screw Jack Electromechanical Actuators Lead Screws Roller Screws Industrial Gearbox Linear Shaft Aluminium Profiles Precision Balls Rollers Rod End Link Ball Air Treatment Compass Air Solenoid Valves Ball Transfer Unit LM Guide Precision Locknuts Industrial Bearings Bevel Gears Linear Stages Linear Motion Guides (LM Guide) : LM Guide Global Standard Size Model SHS LM Guide Radial Type Model SSR LM Guide Ultra-Heavy Load Type For Machine Tools Model SVR/SVS LM Guide Wide Rail Model SHW LM Guide Miniature Model SRS LM Guide Cross LM Guide Model SCR LM Guide Finite Stroke Model EPF LM Guide Global Standard Size Model HSR LM Guide Radial Type Model SR LM Guide Ultra-Heavy Load Type For Machine Tools Model NR/NRS LM Guide Wide Rail Model HRW LM Guide Miniature Model RSR LM Guide Separate (Four-Way Equal Load) Model HR LM Guide Separate (Radial Type) Model GSR LM Guide Separate (Radial Type) Model GSR-R LM Guide Cross LM Guide Model CSR LM Guide Miniature Cross Guide Model MX LM Guide Structural Member Rail Model JR LM Guide R Guide Model HCR LM Guide Straight-Curved Guide Model HMG LM Guide Self-Aligning Model NSR-TBC LM Guide Self-Aligning Model NSR-TBC LM Guide High Temperature Type Model HSR-M1 LM Guide High Temperature Type Model SR-M1 LM Guide High Temperature Type Model RSR-M1 LM Guide High Corrosion Resistance Type Model HSR-M2 LM Guide Medium-To- Low Vacuum HSR-M1VV LM Guide Oil-Free for Special Enviroments Model SR-MS LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity Type Model SRG LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity (Low Center Of Gravity) Model SRN LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW LM Guide Actuator Model SKR LM Guide Actuator Model KR Ball Spline : Caged Ball Spline SLS/SLF Medium Torque Ball Spline Rotary Ball Spline With Geared Type Model LBG and LBGT Rotary Ball Spline With Support Bearing Type Model LTR and LTR-A Ball Bushing / Linear Bushing LM Stroke LM Stroke Model ST Miniature Stroke Model MST Die-Setting Ball Cage Model KS/BS Precision Linear Pack Cross Roller Guide / Ball Guide Cross Roller Table Linear Ball Slide LM Roller Flat Roller Slide Pack Slide Rail Spline Nut Ball Screw Precision, Caged Ball Screw Finished Shaft Ends Model BNK Precision Ball Screw Precision Ball Screw / Spline Rolled Ball Screw Ball Screw Peripherals Models EK, BK, FK, EF, BF, FF Nut Bracket Lead Screw Nut Change Nut Cross-Roller Ring Cam Follower Roller Follower Spherical Plain Bearing Link Ball Rod End Lubrication Accessories Associated Companies: Amcats Private Limited Apex Precision Agencies Hemani Importing Agency

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by type
  • Valves, metal, solenoid operated...


LINAK India Is A World Leader In Electric Linear Actuation, Developing Electric Linear Actuators, Actuator Control Systems & Lifting Columns That Are Used In Many Applications From Height Adjustable Desks To Hospital Beds To Replacing Hydraulics & Pneumatics On Bespoke Machinery. We Provide Innovative Actuation Solutions That Improve People's quality of Life & Working Environment. LINAK Is An International Company Founded On A Simple Principle - Electric Linear Actuation. Subsidiaries: LINAK Australia Pty. Ltd, 82-84 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803, Tel.61 3 8796 9777, Fax.61 3 8796 9778, Website: LINAK Repräsentanz, Österreich (Wien) Liebermannstraße A01 303-03 A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Tel.43 (1) 890 7446, Fax.43 (1) 890 744615, Website: LINAK Actuator-Systems NV/SA (Belgium & Luxembourg), Nijverheidsweg 1A B-9820 Merelbeke, Tel.32 (0)9 230 01 09, Fax.32 (0)9 230 88 80, Website: LINAK DO BRASIL COMÉRCIO DE ATUADORES LTDA., Rua Anhembi, 90 04728-010- São Paulo/SP, Tel.55 (11) 2832 - 7070, Fax.55 (11) 2832 - 7060, Website: LINAK Canada Inc., 81 The East Mall, Ste. 102 Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5W3 Canada, Tel.1 502 253 5595, Fax.1 416-255-7720, Website: LINAK (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems, Ltd., Block B, Shanghe Industrial Park Nanchang Road, Xixiang street, District Shenzhen, 518126 China, Tel.86 755 8610 6656, Fax.86 755 8610 6990, Website: LINAK C&S S.R.O., NAVES 37 751 03 MAJETIN, Tel.420581741814, Fax.420581702452, Website: LINAK DANMARK A/S, Mønstedsvej 9 DK-8600 Silkeborg, Tel.45 86 80 36 11, Fax.45 86 82 90 51, Website: LINAK OY, Perintötie 2d FI-01510 VANTAA, Tel.358 10 841 8700, Fax.358 10 841 8729, Website: LINAK FRANCE E.U.R.L, 13, rue de la Claie BP 80238 Z.I. d'Angers-Beaucouzé F-49072 Beaucouzé Cedex, Tel.33 (0) 2 41 36 34 34, Fax.33 (0) 2 41 36 35 00, Website: LINAK GmbH, An der Berufsschule 7, D-63667 Nidda Postfach 1247, D-63659 Nidda, Tel.49 6043 9655 0, Fax.49 6043 9655 60, Website: LINAK A/S, Group Headquarters Smedevænget 8, Guderup DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark, Tel.45 73 15 15 15, Fax.45 74 45 80 48, 45 73 15 16 13, Website: LINAK International, Group Headquarters DK-6430 Nordborg Denmark, Tel.45 73 15 15 15, Fax.45 74 45 90 10, 45 73 15 16 13, Website: LINAK UK Limited (Ireland), Actuation House Crystal drive Sandwell Business park Smethwick West Midlands B66 1RJ, Tel.44 (0)121 544 2211, Fax.44 (0)121 544 2552, Mobile: 44 (0)796 855 1606 (UK Mobile)35 387 634 6554 (Republic Of Ireland Mobile)Website: LINAK ITALIA S.r.l., Via del Commercio, 27 I-20090 BUCCINASCO (MI), Tel.39 02 48 46 33 66, Fax.39 02 48 46 82 52, Website: LINAK K.K., 2-5-1, Kita-Shinyokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama Kanagawa 223-0059 Japan, Tel.81-45-533-0802, Fax.81-45-533-0803, Website: LINAK Actuators Sdn. Bhd., 18-23-E, Gurney Tower Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang Malaysia, Tel.60 4 210 6500, Fax.60 4 226 8901, Website: LINAK Actuator-Systems B.V., Nikkelstraat 39 NL-4823 AE Breda, Tel.31 76 5 42 44 40, Fax.31 76 5 42 61 10, Website: New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

  • Actuators and jacks, mechanical
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Actuators, linear...
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