List of Cylinder Block Component Companies in India

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Pushkaraj Engineering Enterprises Private Limited

Pushkaraj Engineering Enterprises Private Limited Is Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Disel Engine Components - Crankshaft, Camshaft, Connecting Rod, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Piston & Piston Rings, Engine Valves & Valve Guides, Fuel Injection Pumps & Nozzles, Fuel Injection Pipes Governor (Linear Actuator & Controller), Gears, Gaskets, Lube Oil Pumps, Cylinder Liners, Springs, Inlet / Exhaust Valves, Powder Metallurgy / Sintered Products, Pressed Parts Critical High Tensile Fasteners, Main Bearing Cap Screw, Connecting Rod Bolt, Cylinder Head Bolt, Bolts For High Temperature Application, Bearings, Thin / Thick Walled, Thrust, Washers & Bushes, Needle Roller Bearings, Ball, Turbocharger Kits, Radiator, Inter Coolers / After Coolers & Lube Oil Coolers, Water Pumps, Plastic Fans, Filters, Air Starting Valves, Carbon Graphite Products, Mechanical Seals, Special Sealing Products, Rubber / Rubber + Metallic, Rubber Components, Oil Seals, Mud Block Seals O Rings, Hoses, Valve Stem Seals, Investment Casting Parts, Valve Springs, Valve Tappets, Valve Collets, Rocker Lever Assembly,various Other Parts As Per Customer's Requirements. Gas Engine Components - Ignition System, Ignition Control Units, Wiring Rail, Ignition Coils (Shielded & Unshielded), Harnesses, Magnetic Pick Ups, High Tension Leads ( Shielded & Unshielded ), Primary Leads ( Shielded ), Spark Plugs & Spark Plugs Extensions, Trigger Devices, Pick-up Leads, Programming Tools, Ignition Test Tools, Knock Detection & Monitoring Systems Throttle Bodies, Solenoids, Control Units, Filters, Electronic Speed Governing Systems, Oil Level Controllers, Dual Fuel Controllers & System, Various Other Aaccessories. Automotive Components - All Engine Components (As Listed At Engine Components), Transmission Parts, Brakes System & Brake Parts, Brake Hoses (For Air & Hydraulic) Fasteners (Metal & Plastic), Rubber & Plastic Parts, Tyres, Automotive Instrumentation & Gauges, Auto Electricals (Relays, Switches, Bulbs, Wiring Harnesses, Connectors, Fuse Boxes, Various Sensors Etc.),auto Accessories (Digital Clocks, Air Conditioning Louvers, Cigarette Lighter, Reading Lamps, Taxi Meter, Bumper Finisher Etc.) Audio / Video Systems, Belts, Springs, Axles, Electric Pumps (Water, Fuel, Vacuum, Fuel Feed), Air Suspension Valves, Hydraulic Tipper Assemblies, Hand Brake Switches, Anti-theft Devices. Casting Forgings - Chilled Castings, Investment Castings (Lost Wax Method), Euro 4,5 & 6 Technologies Including Singing Applications For Scr Systems, Powder Metallurgy Parts,forgings (Cold, Warm, Hot And Combination), Near Net Precision Forgings Plastic & Rubber Components - Rubber Parts : O-Rings, Oil Seals, Valve Stem Seals, Mechanical Seals, Engine Mounts, Silent Block Bushes, Boots, Shock Absorber Seals, Edge Moulded Gaskets, Rubber Seals (all kinds)Rubber Metal Bonded Seals & Gaskets Plastic Parts : Plastic Injection Moulds, Plastic Injection Moulded Parts, LPG Floats, Floats for other Applications, Automotive Plastic Parts, Fasteners Stampings Fine Blanking parts - Various Flat and Pad Springs, Stampings for Various Seals (Oil Seal, Grease Seal etc..), Deep Drawn Products (Filter Bowls etc.), Brake Discs Oil Pans, Various Automotive Stamped Parts Group: Pushkaraj Group Sister Companies: Coherent Net-Solutions Private Limited Aditya Enterprises

Supplier of:

  • Rings and washers, rubber
  • Rubber products
  • O-rings, rubber...

Indo Shell Mould Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Both Ferrous Castings and Aluminium Castings For Various Automobile Companies lIke Yamaha, Honda, TVS-Suzuki, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Bajaj Auto , Hero Honda, LML, Piaggio, Eicher, Bosch and Apirila . Ferrous Castings: Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron and Malleable Iron. Automobiles Parts Manufactured In Aluminium Foundry: Cylinder Heads, Brake Housing, Brake Drums, Cylinder Block, Extruded Tubes and Rods. Automobile Parts Manufactured In Ferrous Foundry: Power Steering Housing, Suspension Brackets, Wheel Hub, Cam Shafts, Bearing Inserts, Gear Shift Fork, Rocker Arm, Manifold. For Two Wheelers-Four Stroke:Air Cooled Cylinder Block (75 CC-500 CC), Water Cooled Cylinder Block (75 CC-250 CC), Cam Shaft-Grey Iron, Ductile and Malleable Iron, Drum Gear Shift, Rotor Oil Filter. Automobile Components:Water Cooled Cylinders, Water Cooled Cylinders Head-Grey Iron. Ductile Iron Pulleys, Racker Arm and Rocker Support, Brake Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Gear Shift Fork, Wheel Cylinder, Automatic Slag Adjuster, Housing for Power Steering, Plate Stiffeners, Bearings Housing for Turbo Chargers, Suspension Brackets, CVJ Body. Hydraulic Industry: Valve Body-NG6, NG10, CeeTop, Pressure Plate(Inlet Plate, Outlet plate), End Cover (Grey Iron, Ductile Iron), Cover Castings-Grey Iron, Ductile Iron. Home Appliances: Piston For Refrigerator, Support Bracket For Refrigerator Compressors, Swing Lever for Sewing Machines.

Supplier of:

  • Basic metal products
  • Iron castings and parts
  • Iron castings, sand moulded...
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