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Hicotronics Devices Private Limited

Hicotronics Devices Private Limited Is Manufacturer & Supplier Of Industrial Electronic Components : General Purpose Diodes - Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Super Fast Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, High Efficiency Rectifiers, Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors, Power Rectifiers, High Voltage Rectifiers, Bi-directional Trigger DIAC, Electronics Lamp Ballasts Rectifier, Automotive Rectifier Diodes, Zener Diode Bridge Rectifiers Small Signal Diodes - Fast Switching Rectifiers, Schottky Diodes Fuse - Chip Fuse Bypass Diode Module For Solarcell Thyrister PTC Thermistor Relays - Automotive Relays, DC Power, General purpose, Mosfet, Power, Solid State Switches - Dip, Dome, Door, Microswitch, Rocker, Tactile, Thumbwheel Photomicrosensors - Amplified, Microphotonic, NonAmplified Connectors Capacitors - Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Capacitors for AC Motor Run Applications, Capacitors for Power Factor Correction, Film Capacitors, EMI Suppression Capacitors, Capacitors For Power Electronics SAW Components & Modules - Automotive Electronics/ Remote Control, Infrastructure Systems, Mobile Communications, Multimedia Applications, RF Modules Sensors & Sensor Systems - Temperature Measurement Sensors, Level Sensors, Limit Temperature Sensors, Motor Protection Sensors Protection Devices - CeraDiodes, Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors, Fail-safe Varistors, Leaded, Block and Strap Varistors, ThermoFuse Varistors, PTC Inrush Current Limiters, PTC Limit Temperature Sensors, NTC Inrush Current Limiters Ceramic Components Inductors EMC Filters - RF Chokes, VHF Chokes, SMT Inductors, SMT Power Inductors, ISDN Transformers, xDSL Transformers, EMC Filters, EMC Filters for Shielded Rooms Surface Mount Category, Network Resistors, Traditional Cement, Power Type Resistors Industrial Automation Components : Relay Modules - Safety Devices, Monitoring Devices, Power Electronics, Control Devices, Installation Electronics PCB Relays - Safety Relays, Miniature Relays Enclosures - Enclosures For Industrial Cabinets, Enclosures For Installations Terminal Blocks for Electrical Boards - Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks - Polyamide, Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks, Insulation Displacement Terminal Blocks, Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks . Melamine, Terminal Blocks For Metering Panels, Accessories Electronic Products For Electrical Panels - Power Supplies, Over Current Protection Devices, Signal conditioners, Electromechanical Relay Modules, Solid State Relay Modules, Passive Interface Modules, Accessories,Installation Products & Photovoltaic Connection Systems, Heavy Duty Connectors Modules & Accessories Sockets - For Interface Relays, Miniature Relays, Power Relays Divisions: Industrial Grade Electronics Components. Industrial Automation Components. Military Space. Hicolite+image Signs.

Supplier of:

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Rectifiers
  • Rectifiers, power, Xenon feed...
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