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Machinery and equipment for electrical goods production
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Toshniwal Engineering And Systems Private Limited

Manufacturers Of High Performance Machines & Instruments That Are Manufactured In Conformity With International Quality Standands Product Details- Process Instrumentation Division- Flow Meter, Loading Meter, Oval Wheel Meters, Digital Flow Meter, Oil Consumption Meter, Process Vacuum Division- Vaccum Pumps, Vacuum Systems, Roots Pumping Systems, Powder Processing Division-Positive Mixer, Powder Mixer, Paddle Mixer, Mixing Instruments, Blending Equipment, Process Analytical Division. BST Press Metal Components Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers Of Sheet Metal Components & Welded Assemblies For Commercial Vehicles, Tractors And Passenger Cars. Other Details - Metal Stamping, Metal Pressings, Welded Assemblies, Fabrication/ Sheet Metal Fabrication, Automobile Stamping, Automotive Welded parts/ Assemblies, Key Facilities Include Shearing Machines, CNC Profile Cutting System, Press Brake, Power Presses, Mig Welding Machines And Powder Coating Plant, Key Products for Cross Members, Fan Assemblies And Big Families of Mounting Brackets And Clamps. Toshniwal Pumps are Ideal Choice for Industries like Pharmaceutical, Reseach Operations, Printing & Packaging, Food Processing and General Manufacurting Plant. Products Details: Mixing Equipment, Control Instruments, Blending Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Processing Equipment, Vacuum Systems and Pumps, Automated Pumping System, Flow Measurement Instruments, Automated Processing Equipment, Industrial Processing Equipments, Oil Immersed Vacuum Pumps, Oil Less Vacuum Pumps, Ultra High Vacuum Pumps, Centralised Vacuum Systems, Vacuum De- Hydration Cum Gas Charging Units, Epoxy Resin Mixing & Casting Plants & Roots Pumps. Associated Companies: Toshiwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd Toshniwal Instruments (Madras) Pvt Ltd Super Max Supermax 1020 & Mitsubishi. Southern Agro Implements Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Pumps, vacuum, damp air
  • Pumps, vacuum, chemical resistant...

MELSS Automation Limited

MELSS Automation are Manufacturers, of Electronics Test & Assembly Products: Soldering and SMT Rework-Soldering and Rework Tools used in Electronic Rework Bench. Probes and Test Sockets : Tools for Electronic Testing, Assembly and Rework Bench. Memory Device Programmers, Ggeneral Test Measurement- Electrical & electronic Passive Component Tester, Teradyne Defence & Aerospace, Instrument Power Supplies, Electrical Safety Testers, Display / Video Testers, General T&M Products. Telecom & Photonics: State-of-the-art automated test measurement equipment Test measurement (wire line and wireless) products Optical passive components characterisation solutions are: Optical connector end face characterisation, Optical insertion and optical return loss test products. RF safety and EMF measurement products, Programmable optical filters for optical component emulation, pulse generation and manipulation, DWDM system testing, Flexgrid system development, optical/microwave filtering, High resolution optical spectrum analysers for picometer resolution spectral analysis in combination with a real-time measurement update rate of up to 10 Hz. Strategic Electronics- distribution of advanced testing and simulation systems. Automated Test Equipment, Re-engineering, Simulators. Industrial Automation, Control Systems, Instrumentation & Software- PLC Conrol Systems- Poka â€" Yoke packaging verification syst, Assembly sequence verification system, Furnace/Kiln/Oven control system, Dosing system, Production material transfer automation. MES Software, Test Automation-MES, Product traceability, PIMS ,DAQ & Reports, Inventory storage and retrieval, Production display systems, Telemetry/Remote, Production control room , Packaging verification, SCADA. Test Automation:Motor test system, Thickness measurement system, Leakage test system, End-of-Line test systems, Assembly data acquisition. Simulators-Small Arms Training Simulators (IFATS). Aircraft Part Task Training Simulator. Aircraft Systems Maintenance Simulator â€" Mirage 2000. Ship’s Bridge & Engine Room Simulator. Sea King, Sea Harrier Maintenance Training Simulator, Navigation and Weapon Systems training Simulators (Mirage 2000) Engine Maintenance Simulator (Mirage 2000) Combat System Simulator (Navy) Submarine Control Simulator IT Solutions: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Production Display System, Remote Data Management & Telemetry, Inventory Storage & Retrieval, Plant Information Management System, traceability. Electro-Mechanical Test Systems: Thickness Measurement System, Motor test System. Instrument Dielectric Test System, Spower Supply ATE, Cable Test System, Feeder RTU/IO Test Systems, Protection Relay Test Systems, PCB Functional Test Suystems,Data Acquisition System. Associated Companies: United Electric Systems

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
  • Driers, industrial, electric
  • Drying and curing equipment, ultraviolet (UV), industrial...
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