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Sertel Electronics Private Limited

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Time Management Equipments. These Includes Digital /Ethernet Slave Clock, GPS Receiver, GPS Receiver and Master Clock, Power Supply with Diode Ring & Redurant, Rooftop GPS with Master Clock, Signal Booster and Conditioners, Analog Clock, Signal Isolator, Video Time Inserter, Resistance Thermometer Detector, Automatic Vehicle Locator and Frequency Display, Access Control Systems, Aircraft Navigation Systems, Industrial Process Alarms, Annunciators, Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), Burner Management Systems, Time Clock Cards, Recording Instrument Charts, Master Clocks, Programmable Clocks, Time Recording Clocks, Process Control Computers, Signal Conditioners , Control Systems,PID Controllers, Programmable Controllers, Single Loop Controllers, Crane & Hoist Controls , Digital Controls . Other Products : Hand Held Portable Digital Multimeter, Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Sheathed Thermocouple Assemblies, Mineral Insulated Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detector Assembly, Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator, Process Instruments - Microprocessor based Instruments for indicating Controlling and Recording , Signal Conditioners , Programmable Logic Controllers , Burner Control System , Power Monitoring Equipment - Electrical Transducers , Microprocessor based digital energy meters , Maximum Demand Controllers , Microprocessor based protection relays , Variable Speed Drives, Time Management System - Time Recorders (Computerised & Electro mechanical) , Timer Switches , Timers .

  • Electric starters
  • Starters, isolator or combination
  • Electric regulators...


Puretronics Is Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Laser Diameter Gauge, Rotogravure Machine Auto Registration Control System, Fenac Incremental Encoder, Spark Tester, Load Cells & Tension Indicator, Defect Detection System For Aluminum Caps, Fenac Absolute Encoder, Inline Induction Wire Pre - Heater, Brakes & Clutches, Defect Detection System For Plastic Caps, Online Laser Spectro Scopy, Butt Welding Machine, Auto Web Tension Control System, Defect Detection System For Pipe, ROTO-GRAVURE Printing Machine Control By 5/7 Drive AC / Servo System & PLC, PC Based Cable Profile Projector, Defect Detection System For Glass Bottle, Control Panels T - Die & Lamination Extruder Plant, HV Tester, Murata Ceramic Anilox Roll, Defect Detection System For Pet Preformer, Precise, High Speed Length Control By Servo Drive System, With / Without Colour Mark For Sheet Cutting Application, High Voltage Tester, Moto Knife, Restoration & Preservation of Artwork & Paintings - IR Scanner, Control Panel For Wire & Cable Industries, Extruders, Pay - Offs, Dual Take - Up Winder & Coiler Machine, Control Panel For Wire & Cable Industries, Extruders, Pay - Offs, Dual Take - Up Winder & Coiler Machine, Web Videos, Reading & Verfying Barcode, Data Matrix, OCV & OC, Slitting Machine Drive System For 40. Diameter Build - Up, Milliohmmeter, Guiding System, Quality Control For Offset & Silk Screen Printing Machine, Control Panels Servo / AC - DC Drive, Line Laser, PLC & Scada Based Control System, Fire Testing System, Offset Printing MachineControl Panel, 2D Code Reader, Ultrasonic Sensors, Laser Sensors, Color Sensors, Color Sensors, Label Detection Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Endoscopic Sensors, CCD Line Sensors, Vision Sensors, Surface Detection Sensors, Industrial Electronics Solutions In The Field Of Drives, Automation, The Field Of Catered Like Printing, Packaging, Wire & Cable, Paper, Textile & Special Purpose Machines & Also A.C. / D.C. Drives - PLC Control Panel, Auto Prue Heater, Spark Tester, Web Guiding System, Custom Built System. Associated Companies: Adarsh Automations

  • Electric starters
  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Starters, energy saving...

Laxmi Control Systems

LCS is a leading channel partner of multinationals for Industrial Automation, Power Cables and Transmission Products, Sensors & Multi-pin Heavy Duty Connectors. Authorized dealer for products manufactured by Delta Electronics Inc., Omron Industrial Automation, S.M.C. & Transtech Gears Pvt. Ltd. for Products - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Local Operator Interfaces (LOI), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems through to higher level reporting and MES activities. Delta-PLC (Programmable Logi c Controllers), H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface), Text Panel (Monochrome Text & Graphical), Temperature Controller (Thermocouple Type / Resistor Type), M & C (Motion & Control), M & D (Motion & Drive), I.C.M. (Industrial Communication Module), C.T.A.(Timer/Counter/Tachometer), Industrial Power Supply (High Stability & Safety Protection), Pressure Sensor (Gas Pressure Measurement Device), Industrial Ethernet (with enhanced hardware design), D.M.V.(Delta Machine Vision). Omron-Industrial Components (timers, Counters), Safety Sensor, Automation Systems (Motion Control), Photoelectric Sensors, Relays (General Purpose / power Relays), S.P.S. (Switching Power Supplies), Auto Identification Systems (RFID Systems). S.M.C- AirLine Equipments ( Air Filters, Lubrication etc), Actuator (Electrical Actuator , ISO Cylinder etc) , Valves (Direction Control, ISO Valves etc), Instrumentation Sensors, Accessories like Blow Gun, Fittings etc, Industrial Filters, Hydraulic Cylinders & Related Equipment and other special products. Transtech -Helical Gears, Worm Gear Units & Speed Variators, Helical & Geared Motors, Helical-Worm Geared Motors, Helical-Bevel Geared Motors, Parallel Helical Geared Motors.

  • Hydraulic engines and turbines
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Geared motors...

CRP India Private Limited

CRP India Private Limited Is A Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Pressure Die-castings Products, Surface Finishings, Finish Machining, Assemblies, Tool Designing, Tool Making, Auto Electricals, Ignition Systems, Fluid Systems, Fuel Systems, Engine Components, Transmission Componenets, Turbo Chargers and other Applications. Heat treatment of some aluminum castings are done to improve their hardness and strength. The process of heat treatment develops more uniform structure throughout the casting, removes internal stresses and improves both dimensional stability and mechanical properties like elongation and ductility. The Time and the Temperature are the critical factors in Heat Treatment as they determine the property of the casting. Auto Electricals: Starters, Alternators, Dynamos, Ignition Coils, Small Motors, Wipers, Fog Lamps, Head Lamps. Ignition Systems: Fly Wheel Magnetos, Regulator / Rectifier units, Ignition Coils Distributor. Fluid Systems: Oil Pumps, Water pumps, Fuel Pumps. Fuel Systems: Filter Heads, Filter Bowls, Governor Covers, Fuel Rails, Carburetors. Engine Components: Crank Case Doors, Housing Oil Seals, Case Distributors, Thermostat Cases, Levers, Rocker Arms. Transmission Components: Case Speedometers, Case Gear Shifts. Turbo Chargers and Other Applications: Turbo Chargers, Brakes, Power Steering Systems, Seat Belts. Process Management: Industrial Valves, Actuators, Regulators, Controllers, Pressure Gauges, Transducers, Switch Gears. Electrical Applications: Plugs and Sockets, Energy Meters, Power Transmissions Systems. Group : CRP Group Associated Companies: The Southern Tools Services Southern Electronics Components Private Limited

  • Plastic products
  • Plastic products for measuring apparatus
  • Pressure gauge casings, plastic...
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