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Canara Generators and Acoustics Private Limited

Manufacturer of Steel Doors, Acoustic Enclosures, Room Acoustic, Structural Works, Electical Distribution Panel Boards and Exhaust Chimneys. Also Undertakes Turnkey Contract for D.G.Sets, Structural Works and Electrical Works. Products: Steel Doors: CRCA Sheet or Stainless Steel Doors for Industries, Apartments, Commercial Establishments & Laboratories. Electrical Control Panel Boards: Which are Modular Designed and Fabricated for: L.T. Distribution Panel Boards for Industries, Apartments, Flats & Commercial Buildings, Generator Control Panels (Std Control Panel Auto Mains Failure Panel Board/ Synchronising & Load Sharing Panel Board), Capacitor Bank Panel Board, Bus Truking & Rising Mains. Generator Sets : Diesel Generating Sets with CPCB Approved Acoustic Enclosures from 15KVA to 2500KVA. Fuel Tanks & Residential Silencers for Generators set Purpose. Chimneys : Made of M.S. Plates, Self Supporting Chimneys for D.G. Sets & Furnaces. Exhaust Pipe with External Supports for DG Sets & Furnaces. Structural Fabrication Works : Heavy Structural Fabrication Works for the Machineries, Generator sets, Roof Structural Works for the Industries, Terraces & Gardens, Fuel Tanks & Residential Silencers For Generator Set Purpose. Acoustic Enclosure/ Room Treatment : Acoustic Enclosure Suitable for D.G. sets & Machineries, Room Acoustic Treatment made for DG sets & Machineries. Associated Companies: Canara Electricals

  • Non-structural metal fabrications for roofs and coverings
  • Roofing, sheet metal
  • Roofing elements, steel, sandwich structure, non-combustible...

Indus Insul Private Limited

Manufacturers & Exporters of Needled Fibre Glass Mats with Technical Collaboration from Germany. Manufacturers of Sandwich Mats and Components for Heat & Sound Insulation. We provide Thermal Insulation for Pipelines, Process Plants, Power Generation, Cold Storage Units and Airconditioning. Sound Insulation for Gensets, Recording Studios, Listening Rooms and Theaters. FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT: 1.Indglasmat is non-flammable and can provide heat isolation, fire-resistance and a low thermal conductivity up to 600°C. 2.Indglasmat is manufactured without using any resin or binder and is free from toxic gas emissions and non-carcinogenic. 3.Resistant to oil, grease, fuel and similar organic compounds as well as neutral alkali salts. 4.Anti-mildew, anti-insect and has no odour. Hence it is physiologically and toxicologically safe. 5.Indglasmat is anti-mildew, anti-insect and has no odour. Hence it is physiologically and toxicologically safe. 6.Indglasmat has excellent sound absorbability, absorption and filtering. 7.Indglasmat has excellent anti-aging property. 8.Indglasmat prevents moisture condensation damage and increases working life of equipment by reducing internal corrosion. 9.Indglasmat has good stretching resistance and anti-settling property leading to elimination of heat loss through hot spots and convection. 10.Indglasmat is light, soft and has low thermal capacity and conductivity. 11.Indglasmat is easy to cut and hence is easily adoptable to various fabrication techniques.

  • Plastic products for the building industry
  • Plastic products
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation materials, plastic, for the building industry...

Aum Techno Ceramics (Avdhut International)

Manufacturer and Exporters of Electronics & Electrical Ceramic Components, Technical & Structural Ceramic Parts, Special Refractory Products, Finishing & Debarring Media, Ceramic Liners & Grinding Media, Kiln Nurtures for Firing Glazed Tiles. Also Exporters and Manufacturers of Handicrafts and Handmaids in Earthenware, Wood, Wrought Iron, Glass, Jute, Cane, Bamboo, Fabric, Beads, Lac, Handmade Paper, Natural Fiber, Brass, Ceramic, Pottery, Toneware, Dried Flowers, Horn, Ivory, Bone, Leather, Wax and Bags, Hats, Toys, Home Furnishings, Candle Stands, Tealights, Votive, Lamps, Kitchenware, Office Accessories, Notebooks, Photo frames, Toys, Furniture, Jewelery, Napkin Rings. Ceramic Toys; Wooden Toys; Wrought Iron Toys; Ceramic Animal Figurines; Wooden Animal Figurines; Wrought Iron Animal Figurines; Ceramic Te alights; Glass Tealights; Wrought Iron delights; Alight Holders; Glass Votive; Ceramic Votive; Wrought Iron votive; Bamboo Accessories; Bamboo Furniture; Cane Accessories; Natural Fiber Accessories; Cane Furniture; Handmade paper notebooks; Handmade Paper Greetings; Fabric Home Furnishings; Ceramic Jewelery; Horn Jewelery; Brass Jewelery; Glass beads Jewelery; Ivory Jewelery; Bone Jewelery; Lac coasters; Ceramic coasters; Jute bags; Lac office sets; Wood Furniture; Lac napkin rings; Ceramic napkin rings; Wood napkin rings; Wrought Iron napkin rings; Ceramic candle stands; Wrought Iron candle stands; Organdy Lamps; Fabric Lanterns; Wooden rattles; Wooden Counting men.

  • Electricity distribution
  • Electricity distribution networks for domestic use
  • Electricity distribution networks for industrial use...
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