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Carbon based products
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P. D. Simpson & Company

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Sliprings, Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Electrical Contacts, Commutator, Generator Spares, Terminal Bars, Welding Spares, Crane Spares, Spindles, Rotating Rectifier Assembly, Diodes & Rectifier, Alstom Ac Motor Slipring, Ngef Ac Motor Slipring, Aei Ac Motor Slipring, Marathon Ac Motor Slipring, Gec Ac Motor Slipring, Kirloskar Ac Motor Slipring, Crompton Ac Motor Slipring, Kirloskar DC Motor Carbon Brush, Kirloskar AC Motor Carbon Brush, Crompton DC Motor Carbon Brush, Electro Graphite Carbon Brush, Kirloskar Dc Motor Rocker Assembly, Crompton DC Motor Rocker Assembly, Brush Holder, Crompton AC Motor Holder, Crompton DC Motor Holder, Kirloskar Alternator Brush Holder, Kirloskar DC Motor Brush Holder, Ac Motor Brush Holders, Crompton Dc Motor Brush Holder, Crompton Ac Motor Holders, Marathon Ac Motor Brush Holders, Crompton A C Motor Holders, Alstom A C Motor Holder, DC Holders, Brush Holder for DC Motor, Aei AC Motor Brush Holder, Bidyut Alternator Brush Holder, Alstom AC Motor Brush Holder, Showel DC Motor Brush Holder, NGEF AC Motor Holder, Powertone Alternator Brush Holder, Coles DC Motor Brush Holder Jyoti Ac Motor Brush Holder, Marathon Ac Motor Brush Holder, Brush Holder For AC Motor, Tipped Contact, Copper Contacts, Advani Welding Commutator, Kirloskar Brushless Alternator Fans, Kirloskar Green RRA Adapter, Kirloskar Exciter Field, Generator Safety Unit, 50 Kva Mx Unit, Fuel Off Soleniod, Generator Resistance, Kirloskar Chasis Unit, Battery Charger, Kirloskar Alternator Slipring, AMF Controller, Crompton Brushless Alternator Fan, Solenoid, BE 42 Genset Controller, Generator Safety Unit, Engine Control Panel, Kirloskar Ac Motor Terminals, Kirloskar Green Alternator Terminal, Abb Ac Motor Terminal, Alstom Ac Motor Terminal, Marathon Ac Motor Terminal, Kirloskar Alternator Terminal, Trident Alternator Terminal, Stamford Alternator Terminal, ABB Motor Terminals, Advani Welding Regulator, Kirloskar Welding Regulator, Welding Brush Holder, Pilot Switch, Fixed Contact Assembly, Coles Crane Coil, Arch Seal, Foot Pedal, Limit Switch, Crane Holder, Pilot Switch Contact, Brush Holder Spindles, Crompton Ac Motor Spindles, Kirloskar Ac Motor Spindles, Kirloskar Electric RRA, Stamford RRA, IRI Rectifiers & Bridge Rectifer.

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