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Padmaja INC

Distributors and Exporters of Refractories, Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Ferro Alloys and Engineering Products. Product Details: Refractories: High & Alumina Refractory Bricks, Castables Low Cement, Ultra Low Cement Castables, Basic Refractories Ramming Masses Pre-Cast, Pre-Fired Refractory Shapes, Burner Blocks Insulation Bricks, Castables, Mortars, Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Modules, Paper, Calcium Silicate Blocks, Refractory Anchors, Support Brackets, Insulation Materials, Acid Resistant Bricks, Acid Resistant mortars, Carbon bricks, Epoxies. Construction Chemicals: Concrete Admixtures, Polymer Modifier for Cement and Concrete, Structural Repair Products, Epoxies and Bonding Agents, Industrial Floor Hardeners, Tile Adhesives and Joint Fillers Elastromeric Sealants, Anti-corrosive Treatments for Reinforcement, Concrete & Steel Structures, Waterproofing Compounds & Systems. Industrial Chemicals: DC BS Powder, Activated Carbon, Dyes, Catalysts Ammonium Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, Vulcanization Chemicals, Dextrin Foundry Chemicals, Caustic Soda. Engineering Products: Fasteners, Cutting Tools, Steel Plates and Tubes Heat Exchanger Tubes, Plants and Machineries, Conveyers and Conveyor Belts. Ferro Alloys: Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Boron, Fluorspar, MO OX, Silicon Manganese, Silicon Metal. Associated Companies: Padmaja Systems and Services Pvt. Ltd., (1990) Cera Chem. Pvt Ltd., (1992) Padmaja Impex (1995) Padmaja Engineering Services Inc. (1998) Padmaja Systems & Services Co. W.L.L (2009) Totale Refractories (2010)

  • Sand
  • Quarried stone
  • Sand, refractory...

Industrial Carbons

Manufacturer and Exporters of Carbon Raschig Rings, Graphite Raschig Rings, Carbon Rods, Carbon Thrust Pads, Graphite Bearings, Carbon Seal Face, Carbon Sealing Rings, Carbon Valve Seat, Graphite Impellers, Graphite Bushes, Carbon & Graphite Products, Carbon Bushes, Raschig Rings, Carbon Seals, Graphite Crucibles, Graphite Plates, Mechanical Seal Rings, Burner Caps, Graphite Blocks, Graphite Packing Rings, Graphite Sealing Rings, Ptfe Rings, Graphite Parts, Thrust Bearings, Metering Rings, Bushes, Rods, Seals For Dairies, Expressor Oil Seals, Chemical Pump Parts, Parts For Chemical Plants, Metering Pump Parts, Sealing Rings For Water Pumps, Graphite Steam Rotary Joint Rings, Graphite Vanes, Cigarette Production Machine Parts, Submersible Water Pump Carbon Rings, Front And Rear Shaft Bushes, Packaging Rings, Carbon Packing Rings, Carbon, Graphite Kidney Valves & Valve Seats, Carbon & Graphite Bushings And Rods, Carbon & Graphite Packing Rings, Carbon & Graphite Raschig Rings, Carbon & Graphite Sealing Rings And Seals, Carbon & Graphite Thrust Pads And Thrust Bearings, Carbon Seal Faces For Mechanical Seals, Carbon Seal Rings For Railways-diesel Locomotives, Carbon Steam Rotary Joint Rings, Carbon And Graphite Vanes, Copper Impregnated Split Carbon Bushes, Graphite Blocks & Plates, Graphite Burner Caps, Sighting Tubes, Rings & Rods, Graphite Parts For Sintering. Associated Companies: Carbon Products (India) Sheth Brothers

  • Graphite
  • Ores and minerals
  • Graphite, natural (plumbago)...
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