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Suriya Farms

Manufacturers and Exporters of Organic Fertilizers like Natural Organic Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Vermi Composts, Vermi Culture, Farmyard Manure, Press Mud, Coco Pith, Organic Manure, Raw Manure, Earthworm Culture and Breeding of Earthworms. Product Details: Farmyard Manure- Cow dung is collected from cattle farm, Has good nitrogen value even after it is decomposed, Completely decomposed cow dung is converted to farm yard manure. Press Mud- Press mud is obtained from sugar factory, It has good phosphorous value and also contains calcium in it, Press mud is well decomposed for about 70 days, After it is decomposed fully after 70 days it is converted to organic manure. Coco Pith (Coir Pith)- Coco pith is obtained from coconut, It has good potash (k) and copper (cu) in nature, Coco pith is decomposed properly with a decomposition agent for up to 90 days, Coco pith also has a nature of holding water in itself for about in its own weight. Composing- Previously mentioned three raw materials are gathered and mixed together in a proportionate ratio according to the customer requirements. Vermi Composts- The compounded organic materials are then given as feed to the worms, After a period of time and when worms consume the organic material the worms leave back their excretes as Vermicompost. Enriching Microbial Activities- After the conversion from organic manure to Vermicompost the worm bet is completely enriched with biofertilizer like azospirillum, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, potash solubilizing bacteria, and biopesticides like pseudomonas fluorescens and tricoderma. Collecting Vermicompost- When all the microbes are fully grown in the bed the top layer is removed from the bed, It is then sieved in such a way that other unwanted particles in the raw materials are complete removed from the Vermicompost. Dry Shade- After removing the other particles from the Vermicompost it is left open in either side of the worm bins to avoid excess moister. Packing- Suriyafarms Vermicompost is available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 50 kgs packing. Sieving- After drying excess moisture the Vermicompost is taken the to the sieving machine, The Vermicompost is sieved with 2mm mesh and once again the unconsumed particles are removed to obtain good quality. Sample of our Performance- Vermicompost applied to banana crop in Suriya Farms.

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Plants, ornamental
  • Plants, ornamental, annual...

Padmaja INC

Distributors and Exporters of Refractories, Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Ferro Alloys and Engineering Products. Product Details: Refractories: High & Alumina Refractory Bricks, Castables Low Cement, Ultra Low Cement Castables, Basic Refractories Ramming Masses Pre-Cast, Pre-Fired Refractory Shapes, Burner Blocks Insulation Bricks, Castables, Mortars, Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Modules, Paper, Calcium Silicate Blocks, Refractory Anchors, Support Brackets, Insulation Materials, Acid Resistant Bricks, Acid Resistant mortars, Carbon bricks, Epoxies. Construction Chemicals: Concrete Admixtures, Polymer Modifier for Cement and Concrete, Structural Repair Products, Epoxies and Bonding Agents, Industrial Floor Hardeners, Tile Adhesives and Joint Fillers Elastromeric Sealants, Anti-corrosive Treatments for Reinforcement, Concrete & Steel Structures, Waterproofing Compounds & Systems. Industrial Chemicals: DC BS Powder, Activated Carbon, Dyes, Catalysts Ammonium Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, Vulcanization Chemicals, Dextrin Foundry Chemicals, Caustic Soda. Engineering Products: Fasteners, Cutting Tools, Steel Plates and Tubes Heat Exchanger Tubes, Plants and Machineries, Conveyers and Conveyor Belts. Ferro Alloys: Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Boron, Fluorspar, MO OX, Silicon Manganese, Silicon Metal. Associated Companies: Padmaja Systems and Services Pvt. Ltd., (1990) Cera Chem. Pvt Ltd., (1992) Padmaja Impex (1995) Padmaja Engineering Services Inc. (1998) Padmaja Systems & Services Co. W.L.L (2009) Totale Refractories (2010)

  • Sand
  • Quarried stone
  • Sand, refractory...

Vinayak Gypsum & Interiors Private Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Gypsum Plasters, Gypsum Spraying Machine, Super Fine Plaster Of Paris, Plaster Of Paris For Moulding, Casting Gypsum Plaster, High Strength Casting Plaster, Gypsum Ceiling Tiles And Special Moulds, Raw Vermiculite, Gypsum Powder, Plaster Of Paris Gypsum Powder, Ultra White Plaster, Casting Gypsum Plaster Powder, Gypsum Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles, Gypsum Vermiculite Plaster, Plaster Of Paris Powder, Plaster Of Paris, Gypsum Stucco Plaster, Gypsum Powder Production Line Technology, Automatic Plaster Of Paris Plant Of 125MT PD, Natural Gypsum Rock, Mortar Plaster Spraying Machine, Gypsum Plaster Spraying Machine, Gypsum Stucco Plaster Powder, Super White Gypsum Plaster, Chalk Making Plaster, Vermiculite In Gypsum Plaster, Gypsum Stucco Fine Plaster, Gypsum Casting Plaster, Expanded Perlite, Plaster Statues Casting, Raw Perlite, Gypsum Partition Wall Panel, V plus, Perlite Ore, Standard Gypsum Wall Panel, Gypsum Ceiling Panel, Gypsum Wall Panel, Mini Phoshpo Gypsum Power Manufacturing Plant, Gypsum Powder Production, Automatic Plaster Of Paris Plant, Gypsum Partition Panel, Pure Gypsum Powder, High Grade Gypsum Plasters, Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Plaster Powder, Stone Plaster, Alpha Plaster, Dental Plaster, Fiberglass Cornice Mould, White Gypsum Cornices, Phospo Gypsum, Retarders for plaster of paris, Retarders for plaster of paris, Plaster of paris production unit, Retarders for gypsum plaster, Perlite Plaster, Natural Gypsum Lumps, Gypsum lumps, Mini Gypsum Powder Plant 25 Mt, Gypsum rotary calciner 50 MT Per day for India, Gypsum Decorative Ornaments, Plaster Cornice Mouldings, FRP Moulds For Cornices, Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, Gypsum Cornice Mould Making, Decorative Gypsum Cornice Design. Associated Companies: Pooja Plaster

  • Raw gypsum and anhydrite
  • Ores and minerals
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