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S. V. Enterprises

Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Water Treatment Chemicals, Electroplating Grade Chemicals, Antioxidants, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Antiacid Actives, Chemicals for Pharma Industry, Oil Drilling Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Aluminium Sulphate, Bentonite Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Aloe Vera Juice, Premium Quality Chemicals, Chemical Intermediates, Laboratory Reagents And Pharmaceutical Formulations. Alendronate Sodium, Amlodipine Basylate EP/ BP, Atorvastatin Calcium, Betamethasone, Budesonide, Corticosteroids, Danazol, Gemcitabine, Hydrocortisone, Methyldopa, Mometaone Furoate USP, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Nateglinide, Nevirapine, Orlistat, Pravastatin, Prednisolone, Quinapril, Ramipril, Tacrolimus, Timolol, Azithromycin, Carvedilol, Clopidogrel Bisulphate, Cromolyn Sodium USP Enalapril Maleate USP, Enalapril Maleate USP.25, Fluconazole, Gabapentin, Glibenclamide- E.P., Ketoconazole- U.S.P, Lamotrigine, Losartan Potassium, Meloxichem, Nebivolol, Omeprazole BP/USP, Omeprazole Pellets 7.5%/ 8.5%/ 10%, Ondensetron HCL, Ramipril, Risperidone EP, Sodium cromoglicate BP, Tizandine HCL, Valdecoxib. Pharmaceutical Intermediates : Hydroxy Ethyl Phthalamide Methyl-3-Amino-Crotonate/ 3-amino crotonic acid methyl ester, 2-[(2-phthaloylethoxy)methyl]-4-(2-chlorophenyl)-3-ethoxycarhonyl-5-methoxy-carbonyl-6-methyl-1, 4-dihyropyridine, 2-[2-aminoethoxy)methyl]-4-(2-chorophenyl)-3-ethoxycarbonyl)-3-ethoxycarbonyl-5-methoxy-carbonyl-6-methyl-1, 4-dihydropyridine 2-(2-Methoxyphenoxy) ethylamine Hydrochloride 2-(2-Methoxyphenoxy)ethylamine 1,2,3,4-T etrahydro-4-oxocarbazole4-hyd roxy-9-{H)carbazole 4-amino-2-chloro-6.7-dimethoxy quinazoline N-[1.4-Benzodioxan-2-carbanyl]piprazine D2-AminoButanol, 3-MethylaminoPheny Propanol, Methyl(2-Methoxy-5-chloro)Benzoate/2-Methoxy-5-chloro)Benzoate/2-Methoxy-5-Chlorobenzoic methoxy-5-Chlorobenzoic methyl ester Ethyl-3-aminocrotonate, 2-Cyano-3[2(3-Chlorophenyl)ethyl}-2-pyridinecarbonitrile 8-Chloro-10,11 dihydr0-4-aza-5h-dibenzo-(a,d)cycloheptan-5-One 2-Butyl4-chloro, 5-formyl imidazole 2-Amino-3-Cyano-5-Methyl-Thiophene, Risperidone Intermediates 6-fluoro-3-(4-piperidinyl)-1,2-benzisoxazol, Omeprazole Intermediates Lamotrigine Intermediates, 2,3 Dichlor Benzoyl Cyanide, Clopidogrel Hydrosulphate Intermediate Amlodipine Besilate Carvedilol 4 Hydroxy Carbazole Essential Oil: Terpentine Oil, Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Orange Oil, Castor Oil. Ammonium Alum Di-Calcium Phosphate, Dried Ferrous Sulphate, Edta Disodium, Ferric Chloride Anhydrous, Ferric Sulphate, Ferrous Fumerate, Ferrous Sulphate Fine Powder Crystal, Magnesium Carbonate (light), Zinc Oxide whiteseal, Zinc Sulphate (Iron Free), Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate. Intermediates For Dyes: Beta Naphthol, Bordeaux GP.Base, Di Phenyl Amine, Metanilic Acid, Red B Base, Scarlet R.Base, Tobias Acid. Other Excipients : Cellulose Acetate Phthalate BP/ USP/ EP, Crosscarmellose Sodium NF, Hydroxy Propyl, Methoxy Cellulose Phthalates BP/ USP/ EP, Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder Starch IP, Methyl Nicotinate BP/ USP, Sodium Starch Glycolatate IP Steara.

  • Inorganic acids and anhydrides
  • Chemical base materials
  • Tungstic acid/wolframic acid...

Kalva Engineers Private Limited

Kalva Offers: NDT Training, NDT Inspection Services, Railways NDT division, NDT Equipment sales and service, NDT Level III services. NDT Equipment, NDT Inspection services for various Industries and Sites. Materials: Speciality Metals and Alloys in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals in the form of Bars, Plates, Sheets and Tubes of Various Sizes and Grades. Products: Alluminium Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Special Alloys and Steel Metals, Nickel Alloys, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Niobium..etc. NDT Inspection Services : Kalva offers NDT Services in Ultrasonic testing ,Radiography testing, Magnetic Particle testing, Penetrant testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys Residual like assessment Corrosion Maintenance. NDT Services for Refineries : NDT in Pressure vessels / Boilers /Piping / Castings / Forgings / Rolling /Cross-country pipeline / Construction field / Bond testing / Pipe corrosion / Power sector / Sugar Industry / Fertilizers / Oil and Gas / Petrochemical / Chemical Industry. NDT Services during Plant Shutdown : Kalva offers NDT - Annual Maintenance Contract Marine & Oil field - Structural . NDT, Offshore - NDT, Naval - NDT & Marnial - NDT Welding Inspection Services : NDT Welding inspection services - Welding Qualification tests. Welding Inspection consultancy. LEVEL .III Services : NDT Procedures development Examinations- ASNT, ISNT Consultancy Inspection Certification NDT Manpower Consultants for India and Abroad : Manpower consultants for NDT Inspection Engineers, Welding Engineers, NDT Inspection Engineers, NDT Technicians,Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Erection Engineers, Welding Instructors, Process Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, NDT Inspectors, NDT Welding Inspectors , NDT Welders, NDT Marine Engineers, NDT Shipping Engineers, & NDT QA /QC Engineers. NDT Training offered : Certification given in Ultrasonic Testing . I/ II Magnetic Particle TestingI/ II Penetrant TestingI/ II Radiography TestingI/ II Radiographic Film Interpretation Advanced Diploma in NDT Diploma in surface NDT Diploma in Internal NDT Certified welding Inspector Courses Eddy Current testing Acoustic Envision Testing Computer Based Training : CD's for UT, RT,PT, & MPT In house corporate, as well as regular programmes.Turnkey basis programs Customer designed cistern built program tailored to suit specific Industry specific hands. Sales and Service of Used UT Equipment Krautkramer Modsonic Sona Test Roopsonic EEC Cables, Probes, Calibration Blocks NDT Equipment:- D Meters Magnaflux- Wet & Dry Kits MFI, FI Powders Flourscent Dry Visible Wet PT Accessories - Chemical Flouresent Visible : PEP WWP SRP Nicr Panel Crack Panel Developers RT Equipment : Films, Densitometers, Chemicals Rangers. safelisnt, all accessories

  • Tungsten compounds
  • Chemical base materials
  • Tungsten compounds NES...
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