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ITW India Private Limited

ITW India Private Limited Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters of Quality Control Inspection Equipment and Materials. Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment: CD Series, CMD Series, CSV Series, MD-Series, D-Series, A-Series. MPI Accessories:Cables and Connectors, Digital Hall Effect Meter, Centrifuge Accessories, Split Coils, Remote Control Cable, Clam Shell Coil Assembly. Fluorescent Wet Method: Magnaglo-20B, Magnaglo-MG-410, Magnaglo-MG-2410, Magnaglo, Magnaglo-14A, Magnaglo-14AM. Visible Wet Method Particles:Magnavis Black Visible Magnetic Particles, Magnavis 7C Black Concentrate, Magnavis-7HF Black Premix and Magnavis-9C Red Concentrate. Visible Dry Method Products:Magnavis 2 Yellow, Magnavis 3A Black, Magnavis-1 Gray and Magnavis-8A Red. Solvent Removable Penetrant Developers: Spotcheck SKL-SP1, Spotcheck SKD-S2, SKL SP2 and Spotcheck SKD-S2 Non-Halogenated Solvent Developer. Zyglo Water Washable Penetrant:Zyglo ZL-19 WW, Zyglo ZL-67 WW, Zyglo ZL-56 WW, Zyglo ZL-15B WW and Zyglo ZL-60D WW. Zyglo Emulsifiers:Hydrophilic ZR-10B Emulsifier Method D and Lipophilic ZE-4E Emulsifier Method B. Zyglo Developers:yglo ZP-5B Water Suspendible, ZP-14A Water Soluable, Zyglo ZP-4B Dry Powder and Zyglo ZP-9F Developer Zyglo Additive:Zyglo LT-101 is a fluorescent oil based additive which is used for leak testing. Zyglo Compact Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems. Zyglo Kits:Zyglo Kits &Zyglo ZA 70 Kit. Cleaner Remover:Spotcheck SKC-S and Spotcheck SKC-I Daraclean Neutral Cleaners:Daraclean 212, Daraclean 235 and Daraclean 236 Daraclean Alkaline Cleaners:Daraclean 282 and Daraclean 282 GF DaracleanHeavty Duty Cleaners:Daraclean 257, Daraclean 200, Daraclean 259, Daraclean 283, MagnaVu Dip and Daraclean 238 Sonotech General Purpose Couplants:Sonoglide UP, Sonoglide FE, SonotechEchogel, SonotechUltragel II, SonotechSoundclear 60, SonotechSoundsafe Sonotech High Temperature Couplants:Sono and SonotechPyrogel. Sonotech Specialty Application Couplants: Hihg Z and Shear Gel. Hand Sprayer Applicators: Magnaflux spray guns and portable pressure sprayers provide even, controlled application of penetrants, developers, cleaners and water rinse used in the liquid penetrant inspection process. Post Emulsifiable Penetrant:Zyglo ZL-27A PE and Zyglo ZL-37 PE Liquid Penetrant Inspection:Spotcheck SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant, Spotcheck SKL-WP2 Water Washable Penetrant, Spotcheck SKL, Spotcheck Developer and Spotcheck SKL-WP. Magnetic Particle Inspection:Daraclean 212 Aerospace Cleaner, Zyglo ZL19 WW for Lamination and Self Ballasted Black Light ZB-150F-SB. SpotcheckKits:Penetrant Inspection Kit SK-816 and Penetrant Inspection Kit SK-416 Oil Vehicle: Oil Vehicle &Magnaglo-Carrier II Oil. Water Bath Additives: Magnaglo Water Conditioner, Magnaglo Non-Silicone Anti-Foam, Magnaglo Corrosion Inhibitor and Magnaglo-WA-2B Water Conditioner Portable Inspection Kits: Magnaglo Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit and Magnavis Non-Fluorescent Test Kit White Contrast Paint &Magnavis White Contrast Paint. Water Washable Penetrant:Spotcheck SKL-WP, Spotcheck SKL SW2 and Spotcheck SKL-4C Penetrant. Test Block Panels: MagnafluxNiCr test panels are ideal penetrant sensitivity comparators. Crack Comparators Magnetic Yoke Kits:Magnavis Magnetic Yoke, Magnavis Battery Powered Yoke Kit, Magnavis Magnetic Particle Inspection, Permanent Magnetic Yoke and Yoke. Contact Pads and Plates: Magnaflux copper braided contact pads and lead contact plates prevent arc burn by helping maintain proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads. Black Lights Equipment: Magnaflux ultraviolet black lights and black light systems are designed to maximize the detection properties of your magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection process. Black Light Accessories: Mounting Hardware, Safety Glasses, Black Light Bulb, Black Light Filters, Black Light Meter. Timers and Monitoring Devices: Professional test equipment used for monitoring and controlling the dwell times and concentration levels of materials used throughout the penetrant inspection process. ZL-2C.s formulation has been designed to be impervious to water to protect it from over washing and permit more penetrant to remain in discontinuities for improved detection of small defects.

Supplier of:

  • Lubricants, petroleum based
  • Chemical base materials
  • Lubricants, low temperature, petroleum based...

BGR Energy Systems Limited

Designers and Manufactures Of Technology Systems for Power Projects and Process Industries Contributing Substantially to the Growth Of the Energy Industry. Power Projects Division: Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Of Thermal/Gas Based Power Plants, Turnkey Engineering, Procurement And Construction (EPC) Of Thermal/Gas Based Balance Of Plant, Supply Of Super Critical Steam Generators - 660 MW/ 700 MW/ 800 MW / 1000 MW / 1100 MW, Supply Of Sub Critical Steam Generators Upto 500 MW, Supply Of Super Critical Steam Turbines & Generators, Supply Of Single Pressure and Multiple Pressure Level Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Oil & Gas Equipment Division: 2/3 Phase Separator System Or Skids, Indirect Water Bath Heater, Gas Conditioning, Regulating & Metering Systems, Knockout Drums Or Scrubbers, Filter Separators Or Dry Gas Filters, Pipeline Equipment - Pig Launchers Or Receivers, Compressor Packaging, Storage Tanks. Air Fin Cooler Division: Process Coolers, Finned Tubes, Radiator & Compressors Coolers, Tube Bundles. Environmental Engineering Division: Deaerators, Membrane Based Water Treatment Plant, Demineralization Plant, Desalination, Effluent/Sewage Treatment & Recycling Plants, Condensate Polishing Unit. Electrical Projects Division: BOP Works For Hydro Projects, EHV Substations, Optical Fibre Composite Ground Wire (OPGW), All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) & Optical Line Termination Equipments (OLTE), Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) Substations, EHV Transmission Lines, Plant Electricals, Rural Electrification, Power Trading. Associated Companies: GEA-BGR Energy System India Ltd., Tel.91-44-24335958, Fax.91-44-24343374, Email : Cuddalore Powergen Corporation Limited, Tel.+91-44-24326171, Fax.+91-44-24333201, Email: BGR Boilers Pvt. Ltd., Tel.91-44-24334940, Fax.91-44-24334935, Email : BGR Turbine Company Pvt. Ltd., Tel.91-44-24326171, 24326174, Fax.91-44-24360576, Email : Progen Systems & Technologies Ltd., Tel.91-44-24334940, Fax.91-44-24330498, Email: GEA Cooling Tower Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, Tel.91-44-24326171, Fax.91-44-24338404, Email:

Supplier of:

  • Electricity production
  • Energy, fuel and water
  • Power stations, thermoelectric...
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