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Nandan Biomatrix Limited

Nandan Agro Farms is in to Discovery, Development and Agriculturization of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and is a Fully Integrated Agro-Based Nursery, Production, Processing and Marketing Enterprise. Specialized in Intensive Agriculture, Environment and Agro-Processing. The Company has a Dedicated Team of Professionals Engaged in Developing Innovative Technologies and Farming Practices to Afford Better Quality and Yield of the Plant, which include-Land Selection & Preparation, Soil Treatment & Manuring, Seed Selection & Treatment, Sowing Time & Methodology, Weeding & De-flowering, Plant Protection & Irrigation, Harvesting & Storage, Peeling & Drying, Packaging etc. The Company offers its expertise to the Individual and Corporate Farmers. Corporate Forestry Farming: Expertise in Corporate Forestry Farming - Nandan Agro Farms can also help Commercial Tree-Farming in Limited Land Spaces, Commercial Establishments, Residential Complexes, Industrial Sites, Guesthouses, Nursing Homes/Hospitals,Educational Institutions, Function Halls, Dairies and Poultry Farms. Project Consulting: Nandan Agro Farms can Cost-effectively address the pollution-controlling needs of industrial houses through select and scientific tree farming on a turnkey basis.. Agricultural Biotechnology: Nandan is gearing itself to promote and propagate the advantages of agricultural biotechnology for the farming community effectively harness biotechnology to produce crops of improved yield,better nutrition and disease-resistance. Our Cultivations : Annato (Bixa orellana), Amla (Emblica officinalis) , Vasa(Acorus calamus) , Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) ,Safed Mulsi (Chlorophytum borolivilianum), Saw Palmetto, Aloe Vera. Other Services : Nandan Supports Individuals and Groups through Fee-for-Service Commercial Consulting and Training Services, Covering Property Assessment and Site Selection, Crop Species and Varieties,Layout and Establishment,Water Requirements and Irrigation Scheduling,Fertilizer Programs & Nutrition Monitoring,Pest and Disease Control,Production Economics and Marketing,Harvesting and Handling,Quality Assurance. ter data or press F4 to end. Products : High Purity Phytoceuticals, Bio-Rhythm(Capsule), Safed Musli Safe Herbal Alphrodisiac,

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