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Suriya Farms

Manufacturers and Exporters of Organic Fertilizers like Natural Organic Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Vermi Composts, Vermi Culture, Farmyard Manure, Press Mud, Coco Pith, Organic Manure, Raw Manure, Earthworm Culture and Breeding of Earthworms. Product Details: Farmyard Manure- Cow dung is collected from cattle farm, Has good nitrogen value even after it is decomposed, Completely decomposed cow dung is converted to farm yard manure. Press Mud- Press mud is obtained from sugar factory, It has good phosphorous value and also contains calcium in it, Press mud is well decomposed for about 70 days, After it is decomposed fully after 70 days it is converted to organic manure. Coco Pith (Coir Pith)- Coco pith is obtained from coconut, It has good potash (k) and copper (cu) in nature, Coco pith is decomposed properly with a decomposition agent for up to 90 days, Coco pith also has a nature of holding water in itself for about in its own weight. Composing- Previously mentioned three raw materials are gathered and mixed together in a proportionate ratio according to the customer requirements. Vermi Composts- The compounded organic materials are then given as feed to the worms, After a period of time and when worms consume the organic material the worms leave back their excretes as Vermicompost. Enriching Microbial Activities- After the conversion from organic manure to Vermicompost the worm bet is completely enriched with biofertilizer like azospirillum, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, potash solubilizing bacteria, and biopesticides like pseudomonas fluorescens and tricoderma. Collecting Vermicompost- When all the microbes are fully grown in the bed the top layer is removed from the bed, It is then sieved in such a way that other unwanted particles in the raw materials are complete removed from the Vermicompost. Dry Shade- After removing the other particles from the Vermicompost it is left open in either side of the worm bins to avoid excess moister. Packing- Suriyafarms Vermicompost is available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 50 kgs packing. Sieving- After drying excess moisture the Vermicompost is taken the to the sieving machine, The Vermicompost is sieved with 2mm mesh and once again the unconsumed particles are removed to obtain good quality. Sample of our Performance- Vermicompost applied to banana crop in Suriya Farms.

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Mind International

Mind International Is A Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Plastic Products, Food Products & Chemicals In Both Domestic & International Markets. We Believe In Consistent Delivery Of Quality Products Through Innovation & Latest Technology. We Are Engaged In International As Well As Domestic Trading Activities.the Main Operations Of The Company At International Level Are Direct & Indirect Exports & Imports Of A Range Of Goods & Merchandise. Company Also Deals With Sale & Purchase Of Commodities At The Domestic Level. Our Innovative Business Strategy Enables Us To Switch Exports From One Commodity To Another With Change In Demand, Fluctuation Of Price Or Season . This Flexible Policy Equips Us To Manage Any Lean Business Period Effectively. PRODUCTS : 1) PLASTIC DIVISION : Caps & Closures, Pet Preforms. 2) FOOD DIVISION : A) CANNED FOODS : .welcome To The World Of Canned-foods,sterilized Pulses,vegetables,fruits,ready To Eat & Pastes. Mind International(Mi) Is A Leading Manufacturer,exporter & Supplier Of Sterilized Canned-foods Based In India. Mi Takes Pride In Providing An Extensive Range Of Sterilized Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Ready To Eat & Pastes.mi Provide Vast Range Of Best Quality Canned Pulses To Enrich The Lives In All Over The World. Pulses Are Offered With Brine In Can As Well As Glass Jar Packaging,is How, You Get Canned Pulses Which Are Ready To Use In Natural Taste. Chick Peas , Green Peas , Red Kidney Bean , Sweet Corn , Tomato Puree. B) FROZEN FOODS : Mind International (Mi) Producers & Suppliers Of Frozen Vegetables. Our Exclusive Range Of IQF Fruits & Vegetables Attract Customers From Around The World. Each Of Our Frozen Product Offers Long Lasting Freshness, Taste & Texture Which Make Our Brand Presence Felt Across The Globe. Baby Potato (Dum Aloo), Basil, Bottle Gourd, Carrot, Cauliflower, Chickoo, Choliya (Green Chana), Coriander Leaves, Corn On The Cob, Mini Corn On The Cob, Curry Leaves , Diced Onion, Dill, Drumsticks Garden Peas, Goovar , Green Beans ( Cut ), Green Beans ( Whole ), Green Chilli , Green Peas , Indian Beans ( Chauri Cut ), Karela, Lemon Wedges , Mango Chunks, Mango Diced, Mango Sliced, Papya ( Diced & Chunks), Pomegranate, Strawberry, Methi ( Fenu Grek ), Mint, Mix Vegetables, Okra(Bhindi Cut), Okra Whole(Bhindi Whole), Petits Pois, Red Chilli, Red Onion, Silver Skin Onion, Sliced & Ring Onion , Sliced Green Beans, Spinach Cubes, Spring Onion, Surti Papdi, Surti Papdi Lilva, Sweet Corn Kernel, Sweet Potato, Tindora, Tuver Lilva, Valor Papdi, Valor Papdi Lilva, Violet Yam (Rat Alu), Yam (Suran) C) SPICES : We Are One Of The India.s Reputed Exporter Of Spices. We Believe In Exporting The Best Quality Of The Spices Around The World. As Of Today, We Are Exporting To Countries Like UAE, Middle East, Africa, US, Australia, UK & Europe. Chicken Biryani Masala, Cumin Powder, Garam Masala, Red Chilli Powder 3) CHEMICAL DIVISION : Chloral Anhydrous - We Are Supplying & Exporting A Wide Range Of Chloralanhydrous To Our Valuable Clients. This Is A Chemical Which Is Also Known As Trichloroacetaldehyde. Chloral Is A Colorless Oily Liquid Which Reacts With Water To Form Chloral Hydrate. This Chemical Is Used In Agro,drugs. Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) : Mind International(MI) Is An Leading Hcl Supplier, Exporter, Offering An Exclusive Range Of Hydrochloric Acid(Hcl) That Is Accurately Processed Atwell-Equipped Chemical Unit Under The Supervision Of Skilled Professionals. MI Deal In, Is In High Demand For Its Precise Chemical Composition Stability. Divisions: Plastic Division Food Division Chemical Division

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