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Pushkaraj Engineering Enterprises Private Limited

Pushkaraj Engineering Enterprises Private Limited Is Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Disel Engine Components - Crankshaft, Camshaft, Connecting Rod, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Piston & Piston Rings, Engine Valves & Valve Guides, Fuel Injection Pumps & Nozzles, Fuel Injection Pipes Governor (Linear Actuator & Controller), Gears, Gaskets, Lube Oil Pumps, Cylinder Liners, Springs, Inlet / Exhaust Valves, Powder Metallurgy / Sintered Products, Pressed Parts Critical High Tensile Fasteners, Main Bearing Cap Screw, Connecting Rod Bolt, Cylinder Head Bolt, Bolts For High Temperature Application, Bearings, Thin / Thick Walled, Thrust, Washers & Bushes, Needle Roller Bearings, Ball, Turbocharger Kits, Radiator, Inter Coolers / After Coolers & Lube Oil Coolers, Water Pumps, Plastic Fans, Filters, Air Starting Valves, Carbon Graphite Products, Mechanical Seals, Special Sealing Products, Rubber / Rubber + Metallic, Rubber Components, Oil Seals, Mud Block Seals O Rings, Hoses, Valve Stem Seals, Investment Casting Parts, Valve Springs, Valve Tappets, Valve Collets, Rocker Lever Assembly,various Other Parts As Per Customer's Requirements. Gas Engine Components - Ignition System, Ignition Control Units, Wiring Rail, Ignition Coils (Shielded & Unshielded), Harnesses, Magnetic Pick Ups, High Tension Leads ( Shielded & Unshielded ), Primary Leads ( Shielded ), Spark Plugs & Spark Plugs Extensions, Trigger Devices, Pick-up Leads, Programming Tools, Ignition Test Tools, Knock Detection & Monitoring Systems Throttle Bodies, Solenoids, Control Units, Filters, Electronic Speed Governing Systems, Oil Level Controllers, Dual Fuel Controllers & System, Various Other Aaccessories. Automotive Components - All Engine Components (As Listed At Engine Components), Transmission Parts, Brakes System & Brake Parts, Brake Hoses (For Air & Hydraulic) Fasteners (Metal & Plastic), Rubber & Plastic Parts, Tyres, Automotive Instrumentation & Gauges, Auto Electricals (Relays, Switches, Bulbs, Wiring Harnesses, Connectors, Fuse Boxes, Various Sensors Etc.),auto Accessories (Digital Clocks, Air Conditioning Louvers, Cigarette Lighter, Reading Lamps, Taxi Meter, Bumper Finisher Etc.) Audio / Video Systems, Belts, Springs, Axles, Electric Pumps (Water, Fuel, Vacuum, Fuel Feed), Air Suspension Valves, Hydraulic Tipper Assemblies, Hand Brake Switches, Anti-theft Devices. Casting Forgings - Chilled Castings, Investment Castings (Lost Wax Method), Euro 4,5 & 6 Technologies Including Singing Applications For Scr Systems, Powder Metallurgy Parts,forgings (Cold, Warm, Hot And Combination), Near Net Precision Forgings Plastic & Rubber Components - Rubber Parts : O-Rings, Oil Seals, Valve Stem Seals, Mechanical Seals, Engine Mounts, Silent Block Bushes, Boots, Shock Absorber Seals, Edge Moulded Gaskets, Rubber Seals (all kinds)Rubber Metal Bonded Seals & Gaskets Plastic Parts : Plastic Injection Moulds, Plastic Injection Moulded Parts, LPG Floats, Floats for other Applications, Automotive Plastic Parts, Fasteners Stampings Fine Blanking parts - Various Flat and Pad Springs, Stampings for Various Seals (Oil Seal, Grease Seal etc..), Deep Drawn Products (Filter Bowls etc.), Brake Discs Oil Pans, Various Automotive Stamped Parts Group: Pushkaraj Group Sister Companies: Coherent Net-Solutions Private Limited Aditya Enterprises

Supplier of:

  • Rings and washers, rubber
  • Rubber products
  • O-rings, rubber...
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