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Thakur Overseas Trading & Consultants Limited

Exporters Of 1.Microwave Components And Developing Customized Sub-Systems For Microwave Based Control, Navigation And Communication Systems. Product Details : Filter, Duplexer, Multiplexer,Isolator / Circulator,Pin Switch,Pin Attenuator,Die Electric Resonator Oscillator,Coupler And Hybrid Power Divider Combiner Sub Systems : RF Front End ( X / Ku Band ), RF Bite Source , Rf Up / Down Converter, Super Het Receiver ( X / Ku Band ), DIFM Receiver, Fast Tunable Local Oscillator , Tx - Rx Module ( C / X Band ), Frequency Channeliser ( X / KU Band ) 2.Exporters Of Electronic Voting Machine, Security Systems, Antennas, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network, Air Traffic Control, Nuclear Instruments. 3.Exporters Of PLANT PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE (Granular Form, Liquid Form) Homoeopathic Nutrients ( No Chemical Fertilizers Are Needed To Be Used) For:- CROPS, FLORICULTURE, HORTICULTURE. 4.Exporters Of FERTILIZERS & PESTICIDES - UREA - N 46, - Organic Manure, Herbal Fertilizer 5.ORGANIC ALKALOIDS A Natural Alternative To FUNGICIDE An Effective Alternative To Synthetic Fungicides. 6.Exporters Of AGRO COMMODITIES - Yellow Corn, Feed Barley, Sugar, Refined And Raw Cane Sugar Of India And Brazil Origin, Soyabean Meal, Rice. 7.Exporters Of SPICES - WHOLE & POWDER - Black Pepper, Turmeric Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Cardamom, Red Chilly And Pickles. 8.Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals HUMAN - YANTIBIOTICS / ANTIBACTERIALS/ANTIVIARALS/ ,ANTI ASTHEMETICS/ DECONGSTANTS/ EXPECTORENTS, ANAESTHETICS ANTIDIABETICS, ANALGESICS/ ANTI PYRETICS/ ANTI RHEUMATICS ANTITUBERCULOSIS , ANTI HYPERTENSIVES/CARDIACS ANXIOLYTICS/SEDATIVES/ANTI DEPRESSANTS/ ANTI HISTAMINCS ANTI DIARRHOEALS/ANTI AMOEBICS/ ,ANTI ULCERS/ANTACIDS FOOD ADDETIVES/PRESERVATIVES/ EXCIPIENTES , TOPICAL ANTI BACTERIALS/ ANTI FUNGALS, BLOOD PRODUCTS ETC. VETERINARY: ANTIBIOTICS, FEED SUPPLEMENTS,VITAMINS 9.Traders Of Refined Or Fractionated Petroleum Products, Including:- Chemical And Refinery Feedstocks Like Naphtha And Vacuum Gasoil - Heavy Products Like Industrial And Bunker Fuels - Light Products Like Gasoline, Jet Fuel And Diesel - Commodity Chemicals Such As Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Paraxylene, Cumene And Styrene

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Tuberous and rhizome vegetables
  • Garlic...

Delta Sigma Automation & Instrumentation Private Limited

Turnkey Solution Provider of Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Instrumentation, Projects, Erection & Commissioning, Construction, Data Management, Intelligence / Security Systems, Operations Maintenance, Project Management, Procurement, Construction.Temperature, Thermocouples, Thermowells & Assemblies, RTD (PT100), Thermistor Elements, Temperature Transmitters, Connectors & Panel Systems, Wire, Relative Humidity, Infrared Measurement, Precision Calibration, Ice Point References, Handheld Measurement, Meters, Timers & Counters, Transmitters, Controllers. Flow & Level, Rotameter/Variable Area, Air Velocity, Electronic Mass, Ultrasonic/Doppler, Turbine, Paddle Wheel & Positive Displmt, Vortex Shedding & Pitot Tube, Electromagnetic, Valves, Level Switch & Measurment, pumps,instrumentation & Accessories, tubing,fittings. Pressure, Strain & Force, Transducers & Transmitters, Strain Gages, Load Cells, Displacement Sensors, Dial Gauges, Valves & Regulators, Dynamic Measurement, Switches. Automation, Automation Controllers & HMI, Process Measurement & Control Instruments, Sensors & Transducers, Wire Connection, Power Products, Relays and Timers, Enclosures. pH & Conductivity, Instrumentation, Electrodes, Dissolved Oxygen. Data Acquisition Software, Ethernet & USB Systems, Input Boards/Cards, Output Boards/Cards, Digital I/O Boards/Cards, Signal Conditioners, Communications & Converters, Alarm Systems, Wireless Communication, Dataloggers.

  • Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Plastic products
  • Contactors, plastic...

Pragathi Solutions

Pragathi Solutions Is Manufacturers & Supplier Of Non-Contact Measurement Sensors, Special Measuring Instrument, Railway Wheel Measurement Devices, Dual Range Torque Transducers, Vehicle Data Loggers, Elemetry systems, 3D Laser Scanning Systems, Non Contact Measurement Sensors : Laser Triangulation Sensors, Laser Sensors for Inner Diameter Measurement, Optical Micrometers, Long Range Laser Sensors, 2D Laser Scanners, Laser Micrometer, Railway Wheel Measurement Devices, Wheel Diameter Measuring Gauge, Back-to-Back Distance Measuring Gauge, Disk Brakes Profile Gauge, Railway Wheel Profile Gauge, Rail Profile Measurement Gauge, Automated Systems for Wheels Sets Control, Dual Range Torque Transducer, Dual Range Torque Transducer, Dual Range Digital Torque Transducer, Data Loggers, Automotive Vehicle Data Loggers, Vehicle Live Data Monitoring Systems, Fleet Monitoring Systems, Digital Video Data Logger, CAN Bus Analyser, Digital Torque Transducers, Compact Digital Torquemeters, Digital Torque Transducers, Bearingless Digital Torque Transducers, Rotary Torque Transducers, Compact Digital Torque Transducers, Rotary Torque Transducers, Pulley Style Torque Transducers, TorqueTransducers, Non-Contact Digital Torque meters, Wheel Torque meters, Flange End Torque Transducers, Telemetry Systems, Single Channel Telemetry System, Multi Channel Telemetry Systems, Shaft End Telemetry Systems, Multi Channel Telemetry Systems, Tyre Pressure & Temp Monitoring System TPMS, LVDT Displacement Transducers, LVDT Laser Displacement Sensor, LVDT Displacement Transducers.

  • Amplifiers
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Amplifiers, high and low frequency...

Navanidhi Electronics Private Limited

Manufacturers And Exporter Of Following Products: Antennas: Quadraloop Antennas, Manpack Antennas, Broadband Antennas, VHF UHF Coaxial Dipole Antennas, Whip Antennas, Spiral Antennas, Ground Plane Antennas, Fast Antenna tuner with radiators, Log Periodic Dipole Antenna 100 - 1000MHZ, Log Periodic Dipole Antenna 20 - 100MHZ. Filters: High Power Low Pass Filters, High Pass Filters, sLow Pass Filter, and DiplexerDiplexer. Power Combiners / Dividers: 2 Way UHF Power Combiner, 4 Way Power Divider ,4 Way Power Divider,4 Way STP Power Combiner / Divider Digitally Tunable Filters: Band Pass Filter 100-156MHz, Band Pass Filter 100-156MHz, Notch Filter 30-88MHz, Notch 70 ± 0.5,1.0,1.5MHz , Notch Filter 455-475MHz Power Amplifiers: VHF Band, UHF Band I, UHF Band II, UHF Power Amplifiers, VHF Power Amplifiers. Switch Matrices: 4 x 4 IF MATRIX, 8 x 8 Switch Matrix, 8 x 8 Switch Matrix. Telescopic Masts: Screw Type Telescopic Masts, Self Supporting Telescopic Masts Satcom: SNG, DSNG VANS, UP Link Power Controller, Network Solutions, Network Solutions. Interface Elements: GPIB Interface Standalone Card , Interface Unit Set Servo Electronics: Control System, Secant Correction Electronics Board Providing Services: Consultancy: Project Planning, Execution, Test & Evaluation ,System design. Satellite Communication: Static Applications , Transportable / Mobile Applications Static: Link Engineering , System Design, Site Survey Transportable / Mobile Applications: Design for SNG, DSNG, O.B., Satellite Tracking & Command calibration, Road / Ship / Air Transportation ,Protection against EMI / EMC / NBC, Radomes for Antennas, Fully self contained for any where deployment, Facility Planning: Reliability, Quality and Customisation , Fail safe and fail proof systems Sourcing of Equipment: Vendor Development Customisation

  • Structural metal fabrications for bridges, roads and tunnels
  • Metal constructions for the building industry
  • Stanchions and lattice stanchions, metal...
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