The rising of the economy and industry of Uttarakhand.

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The industries of Uttarakhand
Due to the proximity to the national capital, the state enjoys a great infrastructure and scope for industries. There are various horticulture based industries due to the climatic conditions and abundant water resources which also is favorable for the hydropower. The state is also home to rare medicinal plants, rare herbal plants, and aromatic plants. Tourism industry contributes largely to the economy of the state. The next important revenue generating industry is the mineral resources. The state comprises of various minerals like limestone rock, copper graphite, dolomite, gypsum, soap stone and others. The state also contributes to the export thereby increasing the economy. Besides this, there are various small scale industries and medium sized industries as well. Some of the key industries are food processing, agro based, pharmaceutical, hydropower, information and communications technology.

Current scenario of Uttarakahand
The gross state domestic product has increase and was at a growth rate of 15.32 % in 2004 to 2014-15. The present price of the state was around $ 23.01 billion in 2014-15. The government is ready to invest around $ 16.77 million for the development of the industries. The key industries here have attracted several investors and offer plenty of benefits, financial assistance and incentives that help the set up and employment for the locals. Apart from this, the government also plans to boost and develop the horticulture and cold storage warehouse in the whole state. Biotechnology sector will be on the priority list to gain benefits.

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