What you need to know about the Goa industrial growth.

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Overview of Goa state
Goa is an aggressor when it comes to automatic telephone systems in the country and also a power surplus state in India that has achieved 100% rural electrification. The well-developed roads, the right kind of approach towards the development of industries and a globally recognized name, all play a very significant role in making Goa a well-industrialized state. The presence of an international airport, ports, and the international visitors to the city have contributed lot to develop the state. The gross state domestic product growth rate was 11.23% from 2004 to 2014. The per capita NSDP was $4,449 which is highest in the country in 2014-15. The mining, pharmaceuticals, and tourism are important sectors that employ a vast number of people here. The government is focusing on the Goa special economic zone policy 2006 and Biotech policy 2006 which is a great way of developing the economy of the state. Mining alone has employed more than 21,000 people and is a major boost to Goa’s economy today.

Industrial growth
The Goa economy has been witnessing tremendous growth at a faster pace of 8.23% in 1990 to 2000 and with gross domestic product of Goa amounted to Rs. 12,570 million in 1990 and was Rs. 33,190 in 1995 and in 2000 it was Rs. 76, 980 million. Manufacturing units like tyres, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, fish and fruit canning, textile, steel rolling, footwear, etc. have also contributed to the economy of Goa. Hotel, catering, food and tourism sectors are quite prominent here. Goa’s economy is growing at a faster speed, and, therefore, there is a need for everyone engaged in business and industry to meet potential clients and traders.

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