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Located in the eastern part of India, Bihar is neighboured by Nepal, Bengal, Uttarpradesh and Jharkhand. Bihar offers a unique economic advantage because several important consumer markets of northern and eastern India are in its proximity. Also, it has access to major ports of Kolkata and Haldia . The state leads in the production of agriculture and animal husbandry consumables and products. There are huge resources of raw materials and mineral reserves.

Market And Infrastructure Overview
Bihar is one of the states that forms the backbone of the agriculture-driven economy of India. The state has achieved tremendous economic success in the recent years and its per-capita GSDP now stands at USD 596.4. The state is the largest producer of vegetables and the second largest producer of fruits in all Indian states. Other prominent industries of the state are Food and beverages, chemicals, rubber and plastics, textile, transport equipment, tobacco, leather and dairy. According to the market research, these industries are bound to register terrific growth in coming years and are immense investment opportunities.

Government Initiatives And Industry Improving Reforms
The central and state governments have also devised new policies and initiated huge grants for developing the power and connectivity infrastructure of the state. Policies have also been devised for developing sectors including tourism, education, IT and renewable energy. The state has also got easy access to vast mineral resources from other neighboring states.

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