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Eveg International

Leading supplier, importer and exporter of fresh vegetables and fruits followed by washing, cutting and packing of vegetable, ingot, dairy products, offering seeds including best quality moringa seed, offering meat and poultry including halal frozen salted buffalo omasum, dry salted omasum, offering edible oils & fats including canola oil 100% pure, offering flour including high quality food additives yellow corn flour maize flour, offering fresh fruits including fresh fruit, offering charcoal including 6 hours barbecue bbq charcoal egg pillow shape, offering beans including non gmo yellow soybean, soya bean seed, offering nuts & kernels including oganic walnuts with thin shell or kernel without shell, offering plant, flowers & dried flowers including 100% pure sesame oil, offering livestock including live boar goats, offering seafood including frozen horse mackerel fish, offering animal fodders including alfalfa hay cubes and bales, offering poultry feed supplements including fresh chicken table eggs brown and white shell chicken, offering eggs including fresh farm chicken table eggs, offering bean products including premium madagascar vanilla beans, offering grain including best grade white corn maize for animal feed, offering coal & coke including hardwood sawdust charcoal briquettes bbq, offering industrial chemicals including 100% copper wire scrap mill-berry copper 99.999%, offering bottles including pure whole milk powder 100%, offering craft paper including crazy horse mini vintage kraft paper personalized travelers leather journal custom leather notebook, offering spices & seasonings including fresh organic green cardamom, offering plant & animal oil including impurity free sesame oil, offering marble including pure cbd crystals isolate 99.7%, offering castor oil including impurity free castor seeds, offering marine products including 200-300g frozen illex squid with prefect fresh.

Supplier of:

  • Eggs
  • Livestock and fish
  • Eggs, chicken and other poultry, free-range...
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