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Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone

Promoting Establishment of Enterprises for Manufacture, Trading and Service Activities by offering Infrastructure Facilities and a Liberal Package of Fiscal Incentives and Concessions to make them Commercially Viable and Internationally Competitive. ADVANTAGES of VSEZ : Promoting Establishment of Enterprises for Manufacture, Trading and Service Activities. Action Oriented, by Offering Infrastructure Facilities and a Liberal Package of Fiscal Incentives and s/Permission Strategically Located - Easy Accessibility Concessions to make them Commercially Viable and Internationally Competitive Peaceful Industrial Scenario and Productive Workforce Readily Available Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Workers at Reasonable Wages. For Software Units, Readily Available Connectivity Through Optic Fiber Link and Satellite Link. Hence, you can Plug in and Start Instantly. In-house Customs Facilities for on the Sport Approvals and Clearances. High Quality and Low Cost Social Infrastructure. Only 15 Km from Airport and 25 Km from Sea Port. Reliable and Quality Power and Water. INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES: THE BEST COMPARABLE TO ANY OTHER PLACE : Developed Plots and Ready-built Space at Nominal Lease Rentals.Abundant Supply of Power and Water, No Capital Contribution Charges for Water, Excellent All Weather Roads, Drainage System, Street Lighting etc. Out of Turn Allotment of Telephone Lines. FACILITIES FOR SOFTWARE UNITS: State of the Art Earth Station and Optic Fiber Link for Extending Connectivity to Software Centers and Other IT Enabled Services, Connectivity of Required Bandwidth and Related Services Round the Clock Network Management Center to Extend Technical Support Incubation Center for Early Start Up, Video Conference Facility on Nominal Charges. SUPPORT SERVICES: Most Modern Banking Facilities at the Door Steps with ATM, SWIFT etc., Post Office with Speed Post Counter, National and International Courier Services, Xerox, Fax, STD Facilities, Travel Agents, C&F Agents and Public Transport Services Dining Hall & Creche for the Workers of the Units, Executive Canteen Facility at Affordable Prices, Industrial Canteen for Workers Railway Siding Facility for Raw Materials Coming By Rail, Good and Abundant Dwelling Houses Within the Vicinity of the Zone, Ample Parking Space and Provision for Recreational Facilities. INCENTIVES AND CONCESSIONS: Duty-free Import/Procurement of Capital Goods, Raw Materials, Consumables, Spares Packing Material etc. Exemption from Central Excise, Central Sales Tax, Service Tax and VAT Unlimited DTA Sale on Payment of Full Duties, Complete Exemption from IT for 5 Years and 50% Exemption for Two Years Thereafter 100% Foreign Direct Investment and Full and Free Repatriation of Profits Permitted, Supplies from DTA to SEZ Units Treated as Exports and the Supplier Entitled for Drawback or DEPB 20% Investment Subsidy Subject to a Maximum of Rs.20 Lakhs for SSI. All Transactions in SEZ on Self-Certification Basis and No Routine Examination by Customs and Central Excise Authorities.

Supplier of:

  • Business management consultants
  • Company formation consultants
  • Export consultants and services...

Jaipur Development Authority

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has been committed to working for the benefit of the citizens of Jaipur with planned implementation of development schemes and is consistently striving to take Jaipur at higher levels of progress. Jaipur is one of the most well-planned cities of its times and planned development has always been central to its ideology. Jaipur Development Authority came into existence by the Government of Rajasthan with a vision to combat and manoeuvre the growing requirements of a large city in wake of the increasing population and to help give Jaipur a planned look compatible and comparable to any metropolitan city of repute. JDA was authorised powers and a green signal to speed up the development and progressive growth of the entire city to rapidly change the face of Jaipur. To meet these important needs JDA sprang into action and started to understand the necessary needs of the city. According to the requisites, JDA has been working towards time-bound construction, creation and development of the western part of Jaipur based on major scientific and hi-tech strategies. Thus, Jaipur has been beautified intensively to augment the tourist attraction in the city and to raise the living standards to suit convenience of its citizens... The major undertaking of JDA includes the following: Infrastructural development of Jaipur region by construction of flyovers, bridges, parking places. Development of commercial projects and residential schemes, etc. Development of basic amenities like community centres, parks, ring roads. Development and rehabilitation of kacchi bastis etc. Preparation and implementation of master plan. Preparation and implementation of guidelines for colonisation. Environmental development by planning and implementing roadside plantations and by developing eco-friendly schemes. Development of rural area around Jaipur. Development of transport facilities like Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS), Transport Nagar, and major sector roads. According to the promises and commitments of the Rajasthan Government, JDA has been time and again proving itself as a pioneer of development, creating a state-of-the-art city of substance. JDA has been working on widening all main roads, construction of over bridges, under bridges and flyovers to regulate the traffic on roads, minimize pollution, and ensure public convenience and safety. JDA firmly believes in bridging the gap and reaching out to its citizens and to provide them with quick and hassle-free service. JDA , where town planning is a tradition.

Supplier of:

  • Public administration
  • International organisations, administrations and associations
  • Regional Development Authorities

Tobacco Board

The Tobacco Board Act Aims At The Planned Development Of Tobacco Industry In The Country. Various Activities Of The Board Outlined In The Act For The Promotion Of The Industry Are. 1. Regulating The Production And Curing Of Virginia Tobacco With Regard To The Demand In India and abroad. 2. Constant Monitoring Of The Virginia Tobacco Market, Both In India And Abroad And Ensuring Fair And Remunerative Price To The Growers And Reducing Wide Fluctuations In The Prices Of The Commodity. 3. Sustaining And Improving The Existing International Markets And Developing New Markets Overseas For Indian Virginia Tobacco And Its Products And Devising Marketing Strategies In Consonance With Demand For The Commodity Including Group Marketing Under Limited.Brand Names. 4.Establishing Auction Platforms For Sale Of Virginia Tobacco By Registered Growers And Functioning As An Auctioneer At Auction Platforms Either Established By It Or Registered With It. 5. Recommending to the Central Government The Minimum Prices To Be Fixed For Exportable Virginia Tobacco With A View To Avoiding Unhealthy Competition Amongst The Exporters. (Under Its Exim Policy, Government Have Decided To Abolish Fixation Of M.E.P. With Effect from 1-4-1993). 6.Regulating In Other Aspects Of Virginia Tobacco Marketing In India And Export Of Virginia Tobacco Having Due Regard To The Interests Of Growers, Manufacturers, Dealers And The Nation. 7.Propagating Information Useful To The Growers, Dealers And Exporters (Including Packers) Of Virginia Tobacco And Manufacturers Of Tobacco Products And Other Concerned. 8.Purchasing Virginia Tobacco From Growers When The Same Is Considered Necessary Or Expedient For Protecting The Interests Of The Growers And Disposing It In India Or Abroad As And When Considered Appropriate. 9.Promoting Tobacco Grading At The Level Of Growers And Sponsoring, Assisting, Co-Coordinating Or Encouraging Scientific, Technological And Economic Research For Promotion Of Tobacco Industry. Associated Companies: PVS Beedies Pvt Ltd, PVS Sadan, 7th Fl, P B No. 707, Kodialbail, Mangalore 575 003, Tel.91-824-2443083, 2443957, 2428583, Fax.91-824-2494358, 2441307, Contact Person: Madhusudan D. Kushe

Supplier of:

  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Food
  • Tobacco, Virginia...
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