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Kay Bee Exports

Leading Integrated Exporter Of Fresh Fruits and Agriculture Fresh Produce Vegetables. Aubergines, Gourds and Others. Assorted Vegetables :Specialised In Pomegranates, Pomegranates Arils, Mangoes, Alphonso Mango, Alphanso Mango, Kesar Mango, Figs and Grapes. ,(Cluster Beans), Haldi (Turmeric), Yams, Arvi (Indian Eddoes)Assorted Fruits : Papaya, Guava, Sapodilla (Chikoo), Apple Ber ( Indian Jujube), Fresh Red and Yellow Barhi Dates, Custard Apple, Sugarcane, Coconut and Several Other Exotic and Niche Fruits Grown In India. Fresh CVegetables : Baby Corn, Okra, Dudhi (Bottle Gourd), Hot Pepper ( Chillies), Baby Aubergines, Gourds and Others. Top Agri Company to work with, Agricultural ExpoAssorted Vegetables : Offering Full Range Of Asian / Indian Vegetables Such As Karela, (Bitter Gourd), Baby Aubergines, Drumsticks, Guwar, (Cluster Beans), Haldi (Turmeric), Yams, Arvi (Indian Eddoes), Onions, Amla, (Indian Gooseberry) and Others. Also Offering In Frozen Format. Its Own farming operations, tightly integrated contractFresh Cuts : Pomegranates Arils, Coconuts Chunks. own freight forwarding and customs clearance operations and a dTop Agri Company to work with, Agricultural Exports, Horticulture, Contract Farming, Bhagwa, Agriventure, and its operations. Kay Bee Exports has securIts Own farming operations, tightly integrated contract farming production, fleet of 70+ vehicles, own freight forwarding and customs clearance operations and a distribution company in the UK has helped Kay Bee bring in a lot of sustainability and effective quality control in its operations. It has won five consecutive export awards and is a government Kay Bee Exports has secured a CRISIL 1A (highest possible for SMEs) credit rating for 6 years in a row. Kay Bee.s farm operations and contraIt has won five consecutive export awards and is a government recognised export house. is certified to BRC Grade A (highest possible). Kay Bee.s farm operations and contract production are certified to Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and packhouse is certified to BRC Grade A (highest possible). Group: Kay Bee Group

Supplier of:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Cereals and pseudo cereals
  • Corn/maize...

Savita Entrepreneurs Private Limited

Savita Entrepreneurs Private Limited is a prime distribute of fresh organic produce based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The country is blessed with some of the most fertile agricultural fields and gardens in the world. The farming culture of the country boasts a deep spiritual respect for unadulterated organic nature and the produce yielded henceforth is healthier and more hygienic than found anywhere else. Since its inception, Savita Entrepreneurs Private Limited has constantly evolved to create a richly diversified line of organic products from some of the most reputed farms and fields across India. Our team of agriculture experts have implemented stringent quality-control standards with immaculate precision and eye-for-detail.Owing to its corporate success and reputation, Savita Entrepreneurs Private Limited is constantly expanding into newer avenues of organic and agricultural enterprise. The company ensures to maintain its lofty standards irrespective of its size and clientele. While we offers an assorted range of fresh organic produce, our hot products include (Cavendish Banana, Pomegranate, Mangoes, Indian spices and more...) We take great pride in according top-notch trade and distribution services to a wide countries of clients. OUR VISION We aspire to contribute towards a healthier, organic lifestyle to communities around the world. With access to the best agricultural products, we envisage to provide organic trade services in the most apt ways and means. Our ambition is to generate and cumulate an organic revolution that is mirrored in the healthier lifestyles of our prospective clients. OUR MISSION We are geared at achieving sustainable agricultural service and trade, all the while ensuring the highest standards of corporate and industry standards. We aim to carve a reputation through cost-effective, client-oriented and market-focused services at a global scale. Our motivation is the healthier lifestyle that can be gained through farm-fresh, chemical-free, nutritional and best quality organic products. OUR SPECIALITY We specialize in premium-quality and fresh organic fruits and vegetables distribution worldwide. Our dedicated and expert team of agriculturists ensure that every leaflet, petal, pome and berry is freshly harvested and retains the nutritional value for a long time, across long distances. We proudly promote a richly diverse line of organic products of first-rate quality with a well-rounded trade distribution service and network. WHY CHOOSE US? At Savita Entrepreneurs Pvt. Limited, we believe in creating a hassle-free mechanism for distributing top-quality organic products in express time. We ensure that our clients are partners, and for partners, we are willing to tread an extra mile. From the placement of order to actual delivery, we immerse ourselves in ensuring that only the best product and best service is forwarded to them. So, every time you partner with us, we guarantee. Quality and Safety of the highest possible standards, both in our products and service. Health and Wellbeing of the whole community through consumption of real organic products. Innovation and Standards of world-class repute. Certifications from some of the best and thorough quality-control and check organizations. Adherence of trade and commerce regulations across the globe. Sustainability of our products and service. Ethical Standards of fair and transparent partnership and clientele. Best Customer Service of unmatched responsiveness and troubleshooting.

Supplier of:

  • Fruit, candied
  • Fruit, glacé
  • Vegetative propagation and plant breeding services...
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