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RVML (RAYUDU Vision Media Ltd)

RVML is a full-fledged 2d, 3d animation and visual effects production house . RVML is equipped with Xeon- dual processor workstations, FTP and massive storage capacity for its production operations. RVML is powered by its training arm RACE animation college which offers training services in 2d, 3d animation, visual effects and advanced editing. 2D- PRE-PRODUCTION for 2D Projects. 2D Projects on US animation Opus, Harmony, Toonboom v3 and Macromedia Flash. RVML can handle from pre-production to final output export in required format. 3D-PRE-PRODUCTION FOR 3D, Projects on MAYA for character animation and visual effects Projects on 3Ds Max for gaming segments. Ranging from modeling to final out put export. Projects on Autodesk Smoke 2007(VFX and Advanced Editing), APPLE FINAL CUT PRO For HD online editing solutions For Ads, Movies And Television. Associated Companies: RACE ANIMATION COLLEGE : RACE is the next generation AnimationAnimation Training facility powered by cutting-eTraining facility powered by cutting-edge technology and driven by thedian animation industry. Promoted by the succebrightest creative talent in the Indian animation industry. Promoted by theake the animation industry by storm with itsuccessful business house, RVML is based in Hyderabad and is all set to take the animation industry by storm with its world-class animation training and production capabilities. Courses at RACE : Complete 2D, Extreme 3D, Advanced Editing, Extreme Positioning, Complete Animation Film Making

  • Information technology (IT) and Internet
  • Software, graphic design and image processing
  • Character generators for television and video...

Walden's Path School

Walden's Path is a K-12 Progressive School inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti's Educational Philosophy. Walden.s Path championed a new way of Individualised learning for your child that connects from time immemorial integrating Art, Love of Nature and Cultural contexts into conventional curricula. The school.s core values, rooted in the constructivist/progressive education philosophy, sustain an unshakable belief in children.s capacity to enjoy learning, to act rationally, and to grow when inspired by qualified, caring teachers. Walden.s Path is a place where children are free. Their natural curiosity is the starting point for everything that happens here. Here, children initiate all their own activities. The facilitators are there to answer their needs. Learning takes place in formal and informal settings, in large and small groups, or individually. All ages are free to mix. The dynamics among students of different ages, helping each other learn about everything from fractions to human relations, is one of the greatest strengths of Walden's Path. In our free environment, the natural differences between children are respected and encouraged. This leads to a wide range of activities going on at school - all the usual ones and many more. The learning that takes place outdoors is as vital as that pursued indoors at Walden.s Path. Students share responsibilities for their own environment, and for the quality of life at school. Associated Companies: Walden's Path Magnet School The Magnet School

  • Education and training
  • Crèches and nursery schools
  • Nursery schools/kindergartens...
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