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Hindusthan Mica Mart

Hindusthan Mica Mart Is Mine Owners, Processor & Exporter Of Following Materials:- 1. Natural Mica Sheets, Splittings, Films, Blocks, Thins, Fabricated Mica Parts, Like: Plates, Strips, Gaskets(Shields), Discs, Washers, Spacers, Blanks, Mica Flakes-powders, Silvered Mica Plates & Mica Paper Boards(Silicone Bonded). 2. Chrome Washed Concentrates Having Cr2o3: 48-50% To 60-62%, Silica: 4% To 1%, Best Quality Of Indian Origin. 3. Beryl/beryllium Ores, Having Beo:11%min, 4. Indian Iron Ores & Magnetite Ores, 5. Potash Feldspar Powder Having Potash(K2o): 12% Approx. In 200 & 300 Mesh Size, 6. Quartz Lumps-grains-powders Of High Quality In Snow White & Rose Colour, 7. Vermiculite Ores, 8. Titanium Dioxide Rutile For Pigments & Paints, 9. Mica Gaskets Transparent For Boiler Gauge Glasses, 10. Mica Spacers-insulators For Use In Electronics-electrical Industries As Spacers-wafers-insulators. 11. Mica Molded Round Tubes & Washers For Use In Current Collectors, Power Resistors, Trolley Line Holders, Lightening Arrestors, Switchgears Etc. 12. Heat Insulator & Seperator Mica Parts For Use Thermal Batteries, Defence Equipments,semiconductor Moutings, Electro-magnetic Relays, Electron Tubes, Gas Filled Surge Arrestors, Varistors, Thermistors, Trimmmers, Voltage Regulators, Soldering Irons, Etc. 13. Mica Powders & Flakes For Welding Electrodes, Paints, Mud Chemicals, Wall Papers, Bitumin Felts, Oil Well Drillings, Pigments, Christmass Trees, Ceramics,lubrication, Insulation Etc. 14. Minerals: Dolomite, Calcite, Kaolin, Soapstone & Other Indian Minerals.

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