Report of the industrial developments and plans of Tripura.

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The basic facts of the growth of industries
The state has a very favorable climate for cultivation of fruits and the horticultural crops. The natural resources that are found here are rubber, natural gas, medicinal plants and tea. Bamboo recourses also form a large industrial sector. The state is the second largest producer of natural rubber after Kerala. The total production was recorded at 37.277 million tons in FY 15. It accounts for 6% of bamboo sticks used in incense sticks. Another large industry is the tea plantation industry. It has 58 gardens and that means a large sector is working here. The other key industries here are food processing, handicrafts, sericulture, rubber, tea, tourism and natural gas. Small scale industries are seen in large numbers here, mostly in jute, handloom and handicrafts sector. Besides various large and heavy industries are also coming up in the state that can change the scenario of the state.

Government initiatives and proposals
The state grew at a rate of 50.4 % from 2010- 2014-15. Today the infrastructure is developing rapidly to give a boost to the industrial sector here. The government is providing development schemes in various sectors. Food procession units will be getting benefits from the food park that has been set up here. The government provides a wide range of fiscal and other incentives for different types of investments. A better picture is coming up in terms of roads, rails and other connectivity options. With a literacy rate of 87.8 %, which is higher than the national average rate.

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