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Industrial overview in the state
The state is a key state when it comes to agriculture, minerals and metals industries. It leads in steel, iron, aluminum, ferroalloy production and manufacturing. It is recognized for its power generation from coal. Various industries are running successfully in the state with regards to minerals like coal, bauxite, nickel, china clay, tin ore, limestone, decorative stones, beach sand etc. It is well developed in the power generating sector. The other key industries that you find here are handloom, electronics, mining, IT, and tourism. The state has recently created a favorable atmosphere for industries and provides ample scope and facilities towards the industrial growth. The state is already an aggressor when it comes to major investments for national and trans-border investors in petrochemicals, steel, IT, aluminum, ITES, food processing, etc. The state government is also taking initiatives in developing the small, medium industries along with khadi and village industries.
Encouraging industrial field
The gross state domestic product growth rate was at 11.5 % from 2004 to 2014-15. The state government is ready to invest $5,806 million for the development of infrastructure in the state and industries. The state contributes around 35.54% of bauxite production in the country and 47.27% of iron ore deposits of the country. It is 1st when it comes to aluminum production and output. Odisha is favored destination for investment for the domestic as well as foreign investors as the state is a keyplayer in iron and steel production. The state government has announced various policies and schemes that will help the state achieve a higher level in the industrial sector. Incentives are being provided as well as attractive facilities.
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