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Market Environment
Mizoram enjoys the geographical advantage of being a state that is the gateway of India to the other developing and developed South Asian countries and hence is very important with respect to international trade. Mizoram has a number of MSMEs in different sectors including food processing industries, forest-based industries, handicraft industries, handloom industries, tea/coffee/rubber industries, packaging industries, poultry feed/animal feed industries and music/entertainment industries among others. The state has 31% of its geographical area covered by Bamboo forests and trees and is the leading bamboo producing state in India (14% of national contribution). The state has a very favorable climatic condition for promoting the growth of silk industry and all kinds of silkworms are commercially bred in the state. Sericulture spans around an area of 4,300 hectare in the state and around 175 villages and 7000 families participate in it.

Besides, service indlsurty including trade, hotels, finance, insurance, communications, real estate, transport, and other services are also booming in the state.

Infrastructure and Human Resource
The state has a good connectivity infrastructure in the form of airport, railways and roads that are further being developed for improving security and easing trade. The state has a huge power producing potential of which only 0.7% has been harnessed it yet. The state is one of the most literate states in India and has a literacy rate of 91.85 %. English is widely read and spoken and is an additional workforce language of the state.

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