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Market Environment
Meghalaya has a predominantly agragarian economy that favors the growth of food-processing and beverages industries. Meghalaya produces a number of crops like maize, rice, pulses, cotton jute, oilseeds, mesta and jute by using its diverse range of soils including laterite and red-loamy soils. The state is extremely rich in natural resources and minerals reserves of limestone, coal, sillimanite, granite and kaolin that are abundant in the state. The state has a breath taking natural beauty and abundant forest cover. Hence the conditions are ripe for investments in these prime sectors of growth. The state also leads in bamboo production and floriculture and has a number of medicinal plants favoring the growth of pharmaceutical sector.

The state has a good rail, road and air network and the governments of both center and state are emphasizing on the development of these connectivity areas for boosting the state’s importance as a vital trade link between India states and other countries. The state also has a huge power generation potential which is waiting to be exploited. The governments have also devised policies for promoting the growth on industries in sectors like IT, electronics, tourism, minerals, horticulture and agro-processing as the state is abundant in raw materials concerning these industrials sectors.

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