A summary of the leap of Lakshadweep in the industrial sector.

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The main economy of the island is agriculture and fishery. There are other industries that are small scale and the main source is from the sea and the island. The island still has ample scope to develop in various ways. The economy is still open to various zones. Coconut cultivation happens to be the major activity that has a major share of the economy here. Agriculture produce and crops are grown here in plenty and provides occupation to the people on the island. Fisheries is also a major activity. It has provided various related industries like canning, marketing, cultivation and more. The main industry here is of course tourism.
Industries in Lakshadweep
There are not many heavy industries to be seen in Lakshadweep as the islands have been developed for tourism. There are a few industries that are related to mushroom and vanilla cultivation industries. Coir industries, boat building, coconut fibers factories, fiber curling units, mat manufacturing, etc are some of the other industries that are thriving successfully here. Employment opportunities for the locals are ample that also includes hospitality industry and tourism related industries as well. Coir sector has made remarkable progress and the industry manufactures various products out of it and has been contributing to the economy. There are other small industries that are into handicrafts and other small item production. The gross domestic product of Lakshadweep was $ 60 million in 2004.
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