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What Jharkhand proposes
Jharkhand is today richest in its minerals and boasts of 40% of the country’s mineral and 29% of the coal reserves. Mining and mineral extraction has become the major industries in Jharkhand and is one of the main reasons for its development and growth. The state is first in its coal reserves, second in iron ore reserves and third in copper ore reserves in India. The state is seventh in bauxite reserves in the country. The other industries that are in the state are steel, chemicals, food and beverages, cement, automotive, engineering, handloom, iron and steel industries. Jharkhand is fast developing, and the state government is keen to provide the needed facilities and incentives to new investors in the state. The small scale industries are also thriving in the state.

Market share and size
Currently, the gross state domestic product of Jharkhand for the year 2014-15 was $36.21 billion and grew at a compound rate of 10.5 % in 2004 to 2014 - 15. The state has around 38 mega industries and 123 medium and large industries and 43,517 small and micro industries to boost of. The large industries are flourishing and employing the largest number of people in the state. The scenario in the state is positive and lucrative due to the mining and mineral industries. The two steel plants in the state are the largest here and contribute to the economy of the state and the country as well. Of course, being a beautiful state with the surrounding natural beauty, tourism industry flourishes and with it the related industries like hotels, restaurants, etc.

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