Details of the Himachal Pradesh industrial development in recent years.

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Developments in industrial sector
The gross state domestic product grew at 10.2 % from 2004 to 2014. The per capita income is approximate $2,008.5 in 2014-15. The state boasts of rich natural resources and is a favorable place for investments. The state has major sectors like agricultural produce, cement industries, hydroelectricity power and tourism. The progress in industrialization in Himachal Pradesh is significant. The state accounts for around 25.6% of the total hydropower potential of the country. The state has seen a high level of village electrification as well. Investors are showing a keen interest in the state of its rich natural resource and other aspects such as tourism, location, and favorable workforce. In March 2015, the number of medium and large scale industries was 502 and 39,927 small scale industries. The investments that are seen in these industries are around $3 billion.

Plans and schemes for the state
The Himachal Pradesh government is taking great steps to improve the industrial sector of the state. It has developed 41 industrial areas and 15 industrial estates. There is a lot of scope for improvement and expansion in the biotechnology field as well as the cement industries. There are several other small scale industries that need a little support and management skills to make it big here. Other industries like pharmaceuticals, IT and the engineering industries. The scenario is positive in the state and tourism and hospitality sector is flourishing for many decades and still has a positive future.

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