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Overview of the union territory
The Omnibus Industrial development corporation or the OIDC is recognized as the important industrial administration body in Daman and Diu. The union territory has around 100 units that help generate employment here. Small scale industry is regarded as the main industrial base in the industrial sector. There is a good infrastructure here in sectors like power, transport, health education, etc. you can find around 600 registered industries that are small scale. The cottage industries have grown tremendously in the last decades. Exports are also carried out from the state.

Market overview
The overall response from the state is positive, and the credit goes to the industrial organizations here who have presented the state with the best facilities that have come up here. The state is in a good position to take up new challenges, and also the new emerging industries that are related to agriculture and tourism look bright and will provide a boost to the economy of this small state. The OIDC takes care of other sectors as well such as housing, liquor, providing raw materials and more. All the large projects regarding infrastructure are looked after by the OIDC. The OIDC also helps in finance, promotes and aids various sectors of industries and other sectors. The government aims to achieve industrial growth of 12 to 14 percent per annum in the UTs. This is a great time for buyers and sellers and manufacturers to come on one platform. The industrial opportunities look ripe and great for investments and business.

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