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Growth And Market Structure Overview
Assam, an important Northeastern state in India, is known for its rich natural resources and industrial development. Assam had a high growth rate of 9.9 percent and a GSDP, or Gross State Domestic Product stood at around $30.5 billion. The state is destined to have an overall growth rate of 10 percent and more. The service sector will grow at around 13% and industry at around 9% in coming years. The modest industrial base of the state covers industrial segments like petrochemicals, textiles, crude oil, cement, paper, traditional handicrafts, plastics, fertilizers and papers and Kompass finds these sectors to be most suitable for investment after doing extensive market research.

Assam is the biggest tea producing state in India and the world and accounts for around 52% of total Indian tea production. The state also grows the exclusive Muga silk variety and has abundant petroleum resources. The state is the third largest producer of natural gas and petroleum products. It also has huge reserves of limestone and vast areas of fertile land.

Government Initiatives
The state has chosen agro, food processing, mineral-based industries, IT, biotechnology, bamboo, medicinal plants, and tourism and hospitality industrial sectors for greater investment and is also easing regulations to achieve faster industrial growth.

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