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Kompass is proud to present you most useful information and resources for the business of all sizes to help them expand their business in Andhra Pradesh with ease, perfection and profitability. Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing economic regions in India.

Market and Infrastructure Overview
Andhra Pradesh has a developed industrial infrastructure, including virtual connectivity, port, IT, airport and power-producing infrastructure. Today the state has all necessary requirements and infrastructure for conducting business. There are around 29 special economic zones or SEZs in the state that house diverse industrial sectors including food processing, apparel, textiles, pharmaceuticals, multi-product industrial outputs, footwear, leather products and IT among others. Seemandhra, the area of Andhra Pradesh that has the most number of power projects (comprises coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema) is retained by A.P. after the split of Telangana. As the state is in high proximity to ocean and ports, it has a great number of coal-based projects. The total power generation capacity of the state stands at around 20,745 MW. The state is also amongst the leading seafood producing states in India and contributes around 20% of total marine production exports of India. The long coastline of 974 kilometers of the state is inviting for both national and international tourists.

Why B2B Portal
Kompass is a leading web platform that connects manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and retailers and lists products, equipment and services. Our services help all businesses (including the micro, small and medium-sized businesses) in Andhra Pradesh to list their products/services and get connected to thousands of national and international customers. The modern platform also helps to save time and money.