XC-220 | Wireless Charger of CNA Co., Ltd


Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Wireless Charger
  • Model XC-220
  • Brand XCAN

Technical Details

Use of products
- X-CAN Wireless charging stand automatically when you put your phone on it.
  It is configured to run stored content.
- Using a regular charger and a high-speed charger, enter the power and (micro 5 pin connector) place the mobile phone
  on the X-CAN stand to wirelessly charge the smartphone.
- Content entered inside the X-CAN will automatically be executed as soon as wireless charging occurs.
  (Diary, frame, watch, music play, etc.)
- Content entered inside the X-CAN is designed to allow users to change freely.
  (The internal content can be modified using an application dedicated to X-CAN)

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Description of the Product

Components of a product
- Mobile phone wireless charging stand, NFC used to execute contents
- Frame type wireless charging stand is a product that can be charged in the form of a frame.
  It's got a structure that allows you to insert a picture of the inside, and it's on a pedestal.
  You can charge your cell phone wirelessly. Also, using NFC, can run stored content when
  mobile phone is placed on a wireless charging stand It has a function.

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