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Technical Details

Platform_PC VR
Genre_Action Adventure Shooting

○Mission to defeat the pigs and destroy the pig base. 
○Using a grappling staggered dynamic wire action.
○Not easily getting bored, stage has various difficulty levels configuration.
○Grow up by buying of the classes of weapons or by strengthening of weapons.

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Description of the Product

A notorious gang, the pig brothers invade the New World, destroying forests and building house.
Wolf, the guardian of nature, is known as an evil man by the media that took bribes from the pig brothers after being defeated in a cunning scheme while fighting the pig brothers, and the three pig brothers are wrapped up as heroes who defeated the ferocious villain.
The three pig brothers continue to destroy nature, but no one can stop them. The wolf, who thought he was dead, changed his whole body, armed with shotguns and bombs, and began his most brutal revenge in the world