Water Ionizer (Device for generating sterilizing water: HOCL) - Spray type l anti microbial material products of ECOWELL Co., Ltd.


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Bottle type: Spray
Volume: 400 ml
TLE(Triple Layer Electrodes)
▶ Metal Lace Titanum-based iridium coated triple layer electodes creates HOCL strongly and fast.
SCC(Smart Current Control)
▶ Controls current atutometically to keep safe free chlorine level
MDS(Micro Droplet Spraying)
Adaptor Spec.
- Input 100~240 V / 50/60Hz / 0.8 A
- Output 9 V / 3A
- Certification(UL/CE/PSE/CCC/KC)
Recommended salt addtion: 0~0.5g

Description of the Product

Water Ionizer (Device for generating sterilizing water: HOCL) - Spray type is a spray type electrolysis device that directly generates sterilizing and deodorizing water(HOCL). HOCL is known as a safe material and neither toxic nor irritative but has a very strong effect in sterilization and deodorization. It covers various usage: Elimination of bacteria, virus, fungus, pesticide residual and cleaning of fruits and vegetables, chopping boards, toys, sofa, clothes and removal of bad smell like toilet odor, sink drain smell, pets smell, fishy smell and other food waste smell.