Studio Creatio, enterprise edition of Creatio


Description of the Service

Intelligent business process management and low-code platform

Price of the Service

Price on request

Characteristics of the Service

  • Model Cloud and on-premise deployment
  • Brand Creatio

Technical Details

Business process management
·         Process designer
·         Business process management engine
·         Process library
·         Process monitoring and analytics
Case management
·         Case designer
·         Case engine
·         Case analytics
System designer
·         Section wizard
·         Business rules
·         UI customization
·         Analytics settings
·         Mobile application
·         Data import and synchronization
·         Development configuration
Core configuration
·         Managing the organizational structure
·         Task management
·         Internal and external communications management
·         Contacts and accounts data management
Mobile application
·         Mobile workplace
·         Online and offline modes
·         Mobile app customization
Security and administration
·         Access rights administration
·         WebSSO support
·         LDAP integration
·         Activity log