Potato Planter | seeding machine of KANG NONG Co.,Ltd.


Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

·  Number of Rows : 2 Rows (1 Ridge 2 Rows)
·  Seed Planting Distance :25~35cm(Adjustable)
·  Seeding Depth : 7~12cm (Adjustable)
·  Distance between Rows : 35cm
·  Stable cups over rocks on the field
·  Both cutted & full seeds are available
·  Hydraulic Side-Shifting
  - Shorten walkway for more planting bases
  - Independent from tractor size
     (mounted on 50~200 HP tractor)

Description of the Product

Potato Planter | seeding machine

·  Perform every step of  planting
    (Ridging, Planting, Covering,    
· Precise and controlled laying of the tuber
· Waterting with dripping hose while planting.
· Auto Sprouting with slits on mulching film
 (No more labor for punching holes on the mulching vinyl 
       when potato start to sprout)
· Double Row planting 
 - More Productive and Biointensive way than single row planting
 - Less Exposure , Less Dry and Coldness
 - Retain Water and Warm 
      (25 % more effective)
 - Less mulching vinyl and dripping hose,   
    Less Cost (each 25%, 50% saving )
 - Keep tubers from light  
 - Wider walkway, Less loss when hearvest by tractor