Palladium Chloride (PdCl2) of Micron Platers


Description of the Product

Micron Platers is a manufacturer and exporter of Palladium Chloride in India. Contact them for your next purchase requirement. Palladium Chloride available based on its grade, purity, appearance, packaging, etc.

What is Palladium Chloride?
Palladium Chloride, also known as palladium dichloride and palladous chloride, are the chemical compounds with the formula PdCl2.

Palladium Chloride is a common starting material in palladium chemistry – palladium-based catalysts are of value in organic synthesis. It is prepared by the reaction of chlorine with palladium metal at high temperatures.

Preparation of Palladium Chloride:
Palladium Chloride is prepared by dissolving palladium metal in aqua regia or hydrochloric acid in the presence of chlorine. Alternatively, it may be prepared by heating palladium sponge metal with chlorine gas at 500° C.

Uses of Palladium Chloride:
• Used to rapidly stain stainless steel.
• Used to test corrosion-resistance of stainless steel.
• Sometimes used in carbon monoxide detectors.
• Used in the Wacker process for production of aldehydes and ketones from alkenes.
• Used for the cosmetic tattooing of leukomas in the cornea.

Other Specifications:
• Chemical formula: PdCl2
• CAS number: 7647-10-1
• Packaging type: Plastic bottle
• Packaging size: 1 kg, 2.5 kgs, 5 kgs, 10 kgs, 20 kgs​
• Molar mass: 177.326 g (anhydrous) 213.357 g (dihydrate)
• Appearance: Dark red solid hygroscopic (anhydrous), dark brown crystals (dihydrate)
• Solubility: Soluble in organic solvents dissolves rapidly in HCl

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