MC:WELL - Antiaging Beauty Mask (Microcurrent+Essence) l treatment of various diseases of ECOWELL Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

MC:WELL is a microcurrent device with 10 conductive mask sheet that are disposable after use. It was developed to care intensively wrinkles on forehead, eyes, mouth and nasolabial fold. This could enable the skin to keep fair, radiant and elastic by increasing fiber flexibility and strengthening the uptake of nutrients.

▶ Skin effect
- Improvement of fine wrinkles
- Skin elasticity improvement
- Skin texture improvement
- Whitening effect (skin-lightening)
- Improvement of skin tone
- Moisturizing effect

▶ Micro-Current effect
- Micro-current in the skin tissue makes tension in the skin muscle and help lifting effect
- It helps keep young skin by promoting collagen production and cellular activation by increasing the production of ATP(organism energy) that is essential to the health of cells, tissues, and organs.