Lu:WELL - Antiaging Beauty Mask (LED+Microcurrent+Essence) l medical technology therapy of ECOWELL Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Lu:WELL - Beauty Mask (LED+Microcurrent+Essence)
Lu:WELL is an Anti-aging Mask Pack which adopted LED, Microcurrent, Essence. This device is maximized closeness to skin for best LED performance. Main features are as below. *Hybrid - LED light and Micro-current *Compact - Light weight and Slim design *Focus - Intensive care for areas vulnerable to facial wrinkles *Bluetooth Control - by smart phone application *Designed Safely - by smart IC circuitry design *Waterproof - Can be washed lightly with water for cleanliness after use *Energy Saving / Rechargeable - Minimal power consumption for long hours of use and rechargeable function *Velcro - Excellent adhesion to mask pack by applying Velcro material ▶ RED LED (102 ea) Densely arranged LEDs in the 620 ~ 670nm band penetrate deep into the hypodermis layer to produce collagen which is effective in improving skin inflammation and acne, and encourage cell renewal to promote a more youthful and vibrant complexion. ※ In many published clinical trials, LED light therapy treatment in treating skin aging and acne have shown positive results without side effects. The appearance of wrinkles and acne lesions are reduced. ▶ MICRO-CURRENT Stimulates the biocurrent in the skin layer to improve wrinkles and promote elasticity. ▶ GALVANIC (IONTOPHORESIS) It promotes the absorption of nutrients deep into the skin and gives a whitening effect in a short time for improving melasma and blemishes ▶ SKIN CONTACT TYPE - Best LED performance by maximization of closeness to skin. - Designed to fit your face, it focuses on the key areas of your face skin without dazzle. - Ergonomic design ensures no discomfort or fatigue - Wireless helps your activity with mask on.