Korean Premium Soju. Sulseam - MIR40 of Sulseam


Description of the Product

MIR40 is Korean Soju (Spirits, distilled liquor). It has pure taste and flavor of rice with gentle finish.

We are not using any artificial additives. All ingredients of MIR40 are Rice, Yeast and Water.
Top quality Rice and Own-Developed Yeast. We are using the best rice in our region
as main ingredient. Other ingredient is yeast. We are using own developed yeast. 

Presiential Award in Competiton
MIR40 won presidential award in 2018 Korean liquor Competition.
MIR 40 was authorized as NO.1 liquor by many experts.

p.s. Our product has another drink which is 25 degrees, 54 degrees.
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Price and payment

From 8.50 USD
  • Bank transfer

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Soju
  • Model SS-01
  • Dimension 375ml
  • Brand Sulseam
  • Certification KFRI
  • Label Bottle packing
  • Origin South Korea

Category of the Product