K-2 | aerosol infections for dentists of Ko-max Co.,Ltd.


Description of the Product

It is a machine that can prevent aerosol infections in places other than the hospital, such as dentists, internal medicine, dermatology, beauty salons, nail shops, and massage shops.

Model no : Mobile workstation K-2
Dimensions : 400mm(W) x 480mm(D) x 1000mm(H)
Configuration :
-Powder coated steel
-Dust collector unit(Dust filter, air cleaner filter, air filter)
-Vacuum motor : 220V 540W
-Micro motor(Handpiece, Foot speed controller)
-Armrest(handpiece holder)
-Clean head(LED light, Dust net, Dust brush, Bur basket, Handwrap, Protector)
-Control panel(Touch panel, alarm, Dust control, Micro control)
-Medical Caster
-Code line
-Spare filter
-220V/50~60Hz(Export 120V)
-Bur tray & Dust brush

Price of the Product

Price not indicated